THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/23/15


No one is a STAR overnight. It takes working at a craft for a period of time that enables an individual to recognize their excellence. Being and becoming the lightworker you are and the one that you were meant to be is no different.

There are times when information is revealed to you seemingly over night, or in a moment’s notice. However, you must understand that this information or, more accurately, your awareness of it, was years, or possibly lifetimes in the “making itself known to YOU” stage. What this means is that, like anything else, you are working at the process of becoming and it takes time to hone your skills, as well as to reign in your ego.

One of the key aspects of this process is accepting the dirt and the muck from whence the Lotus comes. The word “Lotus” was capitalized to accentuate the growth it takes in one’s lineage to achieve the unfolding process of the petals. You see, child, you need to see the growth that exists in simply recognizing the dirt and the muck are there. So many are not even yet willing to look there and recognize it. You, however, are already working on rising above it. But you have been so good, haven’t you?, at judging yourself in the process. For example, nothing worse than having a fit of rage come up and out, and then judging yourself all day or all weekend about what a terrible person you are for allowing that bit of rage to come up. Let us tell you something now… LIGHT is not always light. Sometimes, it must feel heavy, or painful, as it pushes its weight through lifetimes of your patterns.

You did not sign up for this because it would be easy. You signed up for it because it is REAL, and because those you affect with that brilliant heart of yours would believe your sincerity because they’d know that you came before them, worked through the stages, and made it out the other side relatively well polished and unscathed. You have become a beacon because you work at your craft, not because you were simply born with it. What you were born with was the love, compassion and guts that it takes to move through the motions of self-mastery, so that others could learn by your example(s).

So, these ascension symptoms of pain or lack of sleep, or headaches, neck aches, etc. is LIGHT moving through you. The sooner you ALLOW this, the faster it will occur. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FIGHT IT. The biggest hurdle of dealing with something unpleasant is usually first agreeing to look at it. This alone could take years or lifetimes of resistance. But when you make the conscious choice to just allow it, you are in flow, the Cosmic Flow that is… of the Universe. And when you allow, you plough… through the muck and dirt that is!

However, this ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES YOU TO STOP JUDGING YOURSELF IN THE PROCESS. The resistance, or judging, of “what is” is simply a MAJOR SECONDARY block to first allowing things to rise. Allow the cream to rise, as this is where the top of the crop exists… and that’s you! No more second-guessing. You are here because God wanted you here. You have come to re-merge with Him in all His glory. The sooner you realize that enlightenment is a process and does not occur overnight or in one split second of “getting it”, the easier sensations will be for you to deal with.

In the meantime, know this – you have done MUCH in the way of making MAJOR PROGRESS. You are not far from the goal. Remain steadfast in your desire to know God, and all other desires will drop away, leaving you gracefully at the finish line having affected millions positively in the wake of your life’s work.

Best Wishes! ~ Merlin

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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