THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/16/15


The secret of the pearl that was never a secret is that the pearl is a physical place inside the human body. It was “secretly” implanted in you as your pineal gland, or your third eye, so that you could connect to a physical remembrance of who you really are through meditation.

So when the wise teachers say to you, “Truly all of the wisdom you ever needed was inside you all along.”, they actually mean it. Ha ha! For when you connect to the three elements, your breath, your heart and your third eye, you have once again attained communion. Here, the answer to ANY question, or perceived issue, challenge or dilemma truly exists.

On the breath, you can choose to become still in meditation. Then, breathing into the physical space of the human heart, you can drift just behind it to the Sacred (or Divine) Chamber of the Sacred heart. From there, on your next breath, see Divine Energy moving from just behind the heart, up the back of the spine, up over the head, and into the third eye. Excellent! Now you have re-communed with your Maker. From this space, the Universe and all of its potential is at your fingertips.

Remember this procedure when you feel stuck or unsure. Call upon it to create your next miracle. Trust in the pearl, for it holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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