THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/15/16


The time for stability has arrived. It is here. Can you feel it? If not, perhaps you were waiting for something to show itself to you on the outside for you to recognize it. But it is much more subtle than it.

What we mean is this… have you noticed of late that where you put your energy the most, you tend to create more of it, especially positive energy? That is what you need to focus on most these days. The time of instant manifestation is upon you. You need only see and perceive it that way.

It is true that January was a difficult month this year, and February has had remnants of that tough wave. However, these were perfect opportunities to recognize the tests these times have provided and how well, and MUCH more easefully, you were able to come through them, and/or recover from them, than you had been able to do so in the past. If this energy had struck around December 2012, or just prior to it, how well do you believe you would have been equipped to handle it looking back? And that’s it right there. Subtle progress.

It is all about the shifts within you that have been occurring at rapid paces, but perhaps not perceived as such until you look back upon the past FROM the present moment. The objective is not to relive the past, but simply to notice it as a benchmark from which to measure your successes, see how far you have come, and notice maybe where there is some work yet to be done. You have not faltered, otherwise you would not be here reviewing these words, and seeing your growth.

It has all been a perfect setup to the stable future you have been laying a solid framework for. Without these giant waves of consciousness, you would not have been upgraded. Further, you would not have been clearing the massive space within you to take on the massive new, abundant version of you that is arriving. To make room for the new, you MUST clear out the old. And, thus, on the final frontier of the old, you are all shutting down the “reactors” and turning on the creators.

Reacting has taken up residence for far too long, and with too much real estate. Uprooting those concrete foundations that were laid in the old, you are finding incredible new ways to build ecologically sound new “homes” within you. After all, you used concrete because it was porous and the collective Higher Self knew those foundations would need to be infiltrated with truth in order to eventually come down and start over. Now, those new homes within are resonating more and more and bringing into view your homeostatic environments because those “beings on the outside of you” are also recognizing what you are finding on the inside… safety in the unknown.

Yes, you are safe moving forward without plans! This is the brilliance of self-mastery and owning your creator-ship. When you let go of paradigms and the NEED for the known, you create miracles from the quantum field that align with your heart and its incredible wisdom.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach