THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/13/17


In a world with so much “noise” at the moment, some silence would be nice. This starts at the level of the individual and works its way out.

This concept is only complicated AS a concept, rather than simply applying it. Think on this for a moment. What we mean by this is that, with all that has been going on in your world, have you responded or reacted?

Response requires conscious awareness, mindfulness if you will, before taking action. Reaction is widely based on pre-conceived patterning and conditioning. If you are seeing an imperfect problematic world, chances are you looking through eyes that have experienced traumas, hurts, and pains that have not yet healed. If you are seeing perfection in the imperfection, before reacting, chances are you have done some conscious work on yourself and you are coming from a higher space of love. And, if you are having mixed reactions, well this is where your remaining work lies.

Reaction equates to more “noise”. Loving responses eventually lead to balance, even if only within at first.

You see, you are always being challenged. We prefer today to not use the word “tested”. It is not a test. Being human IS a challenge. You arrived on the Earth once more to challenge your soul in complex ways. The depths of this cannot be fully understood by the human mind, until it has at least transcended much of the pain and suffering you still believe your world contains… and perhaps we mean your inner world here.

In these trying times, dig deep. Avail the truth to yourselves once more, by allowing it to pervade your systems. How? By surrendering to your humanness and that you can only change the world by starting to change yourself.

If you do this, we make a certain promise to you. We will help reveal just how not human you are through your human meditations, as you surrender to changing yourselves on deep levels. There, the wisdom of the Universe will be revealed to you time and again, until you see there is no time. Here, your silence will lead to prevalent internal answers of truth that will lead to outer action, and we will support you all the way.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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