THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/7/2013

So, seemly, the last two weeks have left many with questions.  Where to begin?  Hmmmm….

Ok, so for starters, the world did not end.  We never said it would.  The end of the world as you knew it?  Well, yes, that’s more precise.  In fact, that brings us to the next several questions many of you have been having.  Questions such as, “I feel something massive has happened, but I don’t feel within me that something massive has happened.  Do you understand what I mean?”  Or, how about this one, “I feel so excited and happy to be part of the New World, the new beginning, just this positive feeling within me!!! Do you know what I mean?”  Even still, how about this one, “I don’t feel anything at all.  Am I crazy?”  Ha ha…

Nope, not crazy.  In fact, none of it is crazy.  Even if you are not asking questions at all, you are not crazy.  Here’s what we all need to remember.  ALL IN DIVINE TIMING MY LOVES ! ! !

You see, for many of you, the journey began several years back when you truly began asking questions of the SHIFT.  Do you remember the emails that floated about the earthly realm speaking of “Ascension Symptoms”?  Well, those were real.  And you were going through your shifts even then.  Do you recall the strange, sudden back aches, the knee problems, the tooth ache from nowhere that also healed on its own, the sudden changes in breathing patterns, the seeing of light squiggles and seeming small lightning rods in your bedroom or at work, sudden anger, fatigue, bursts of energy, and on and on and on… THOSE WERE ALL VERY REAL and you have been going through these slight, sudden and not so sudden shifts for quite a while… lifetimes actually.

Your bodies have been changing at a cellular level – NO QUESTION.  Some of you ask about DNA and additional strand activation, etc.  YES!  Your potentials have been being worked on and worked out.  Why do you suppose that concepts that were, at one time in your life, difficult for you to comprehend, now seem easier, even simple.  Or tastes you couldn’t stand just a few years ago, you now crave?  There is no mistaking this process.  It has been happening and will continue to happen.  Although, to that end, it may begin to occur for each of you at VERY subtle levels now.  Others may still experience sudden movements or changes, but not to the degree of the shifts you have endured the last 6 years.

Your earthly bodies, although essentially made up of more than half water, are becoming crystalline in structure, the more that they allow conscious light in.  The Ascension process IS AN AWAKENING.  It is an expanding of consciousness, a broadening of overall understanding, or “getting it”.  Ideas or Ideals that once seemed foreign, or cosmic in nature, are now becoming your second nature… this is the new normal.  It is an internal knowing now that concepts like telepathy, psychic awareness, Divine Channeling, Angels, Divine Intervention, etc are NOT AT ALL concepts.  They are becoming more and more a reality as the veil thins between what was considered esoteric and your every day lives.


That is the Way of the Awakener – one who awakens.  The SHIFT of the December 21st, 2012 date was one in which light hits Earth in a very SPECIFIC and DELIBERATE way only ONCE EVERY 26,000 YEARS ! ! !  This was not just a “flash in the pan” spiritual discussion!  NO!  This was a massive Energetic State that was slowly occurring all those years that you, as humans, have been feeling in very distinct ways these last few years as 12/21/12 approached.

Here, think about this for a moment… do you EVER remember conversations or experiences while you were “growing up” about the sheer number of Superstorms, weather pattern changes, NY earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc that we have seen in the last 6-10 years alone?!  Or how about discussions of peanut allergies, peanut-free schools, gluten-free products, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Here’s another one… the last time you had a bacterial infection and needed antibiotics, did the infection go away immediately or did it linger a little longer than the last time you were prescribed a Z-Pak?  Do you think it is possible that our DNA is changing so much, yet it has become commonplace for the earthbound human to simply accept it as simply, “The world has changed so much since I was a child…”  It has, but it is not simply because of the shift in perspective from child to adult, or parent. 

The Earth and its inhabitants have actually evolved  SO much in your own lifetime that it is simply amazing to sit with just that thought for a moment.  There has never been a time in man’s recorded history, actually, where man has evolved to this degree in this short a span of time.  Do you think teleportation is far off from here?  What if shows like Star Trek were actually signs from those “tapped in” years ago of what we would soon come to see in our very lifetimes?  What if that was the only acceptable medium to bring through the otherwise esoteric right into your living rooms?   What if you started to see the world this way from now on? 

The truth is simple… years of subtlety + years of subtlety +  years of subtlety = eventual perspective of massive shift.  And eventual perspective of massive shift = Ascension.

You are ascending, as an individual, and as a planet.  It is a must.  Better to allow it in now.  After all, all of your “symptoms” have been the ego fighting the inevitable because it is scared and enjoys its comfort zones.  But you have been prepared for this.  Now you simply need to trust.  You’ve wanted to “know” when in actuality, all you needed to do was to trust what is. 

What is happening in and around you is EXACTLY what is SUPPOSED to happen.  You worry about you, and let the world worry about itself… all while coming from LOVE and being of service when you can be.  The rest will show itself in time.  Worry not, you have already made it so much farther than you realize.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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