THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/5/15


It’s as important as recognizing your readiness and desire to become who you are, and do what you were meant to do. That’s right… allowing the shift. So what does this mean?

Well, it usually requires a willingness, too, to see where you stand in your own way. For instance, do you worry about how you are going to earn the money to take off? Or maybe you are spending a bunch of time thinking about where the people will come from once you commit to the new you? Or is it that you wonder how others will treat you when you empower yourself, and will they approve, will they be supportive, and on and on????

Here’s the thing… when you know you are ready to make a shift, YOU KNOW ! ! !

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not practical, or that you don’t think about ways to do things smart. What it means is that your internal guidance knows when it is to be moved, BUT then you need to know to trust that the Universe supports this internal knowing. The rule states, “When you connect to the magic of the Cosmos through your heart center, the TRUTH of that connection shoots out of your crown chakra, meets the Creator Energy and generates your creation from that CENTER-PEACE (no we didn’t spell it wrong ;0)) OF TRUTH… THAT’S YOU!!! AND THE CONNECTION OF YOU TO YOUR HEART!!! This is what you have come back here to discover. Amazing, right? Yes YOU ARE!

Now, this does not mean things aren’t challenging at times. Of course they are. It is the perfect setup, isn’t it? You see, the seeming difficulties (if you perceive them that way), are there to show you, or remind you of, your own resilience. From that place of “overcoming” and seeing things through, you become the example, you immediately show others that they can be whatever their inner guru tells and shows them that they can and should be.

It is the GREAT TWO-FOR-ONE. You see, you get what you need by having the courage to be who you are, and as a result you go directly into service to others by way of your courageous example. So, truly, when you are of service to you, you are of service to the world.

So, ALLOW, ALLOW, ALLOW and the Universe will PLOW away all of the illusion and bring you directly into your heart for you to shine like the night stars.

Become the BEACON OF LIGHT that you were born to be, whatever that may look like. You will be supported in this shift, because you are supported in this shift, and you always were.

Time to believe like never before.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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