THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/6/14


With the advent of a New Year, a new energy, upon us… the message is clear… “Don’t question the teacher.” But what exactly does this mean? What teacher?

Well, actually, everything is a teacher, is it not? YES, IT IS!

So don’t question anything? Ahhh, no. That’s not what we’re saying here. What “Don’t question the teacher.” means is actually simpler and more grandiose than it seems. You see, on the spiritual path, they say the “stuff” hits the fan when you get onto the path, as opposed to things getting easier when you truly get on the path. “Ok, and what does this have to do with the statement above?”, you ask? Just everything.

As the teaching goes, nothing is happening TO you. Everything is happening FOR your enlightenment. If action or non-action is karma or cause, then the experiences you have in life are the effect of the cause, are they not? Well, if so, then don’t be alarmed when teachers (also known as messengers or effect) show up to TEACH you something(s). Never question if what’s happening should be happening, etc. Of course it should be. All is always well in all ways. These experiences are happening just perfectly so in order for you to see the truth, the higher/highest truth about why you’re here and how it ALL works.

Now, the statement, “Don’t question the teacher.” also has a double entendre. For those of you with enough grace to have a physical teacher on the Path, or a guru of sorts, listen closely (read carefully) now. It is an absolute grace TO have a physical teacher… AND… it is an absolute grace NOT to have a physical teacher. Either situation you find yourself in on the spiritual path IS a teacher. Can you see the perfection in that?

If, however, you DO have a physical, conscious (i.e. awake) individual as your actual teacher in physical form (i.e. student/teacher relationship), then let us be ABSOLUTELY clear here. NEVER question the Teacher. For the Teacher holds a perspective FOR you that you cannot yet hold yourself. Their actions/non-actions are directly correlated to you getting EXACTLY what you need at all times. Can you even imagine that for a single second? Whether they are absolutely aware of direct impact to you, or they are following higher guidance, if they are truly in alignment with service, then they are always in the flow AND UNDERSTANDING that they are performing the Divine’s Will. Questioning THAT in any unhealthy way will more than likely only lead to suffering. They fully get and understand that they will take the projections of their students and of society in order to be of service. They are ok with this. But the mutual respect in return that we can give to them is to say, “Thank you. I know you hold a perspective that I am working to achieve. I lovingly await a time that is appropriate for that to be shared with me.” Until such time, just continue to ask, “How can I be of service today?” This will deflect the negative ego, and bring you back to your heart center.

As for the New Year, see everything as your teacher. Question healthily, but only from a space that you wish to learn HOW something is your teacher, and not that it shouldn’t be as it is… even the good things. Remember, karma is not a negative word. Karma can have great positive consequences for all involved.

So in this New Year, see everything as your teacher, and… EXPAND, EXPAND, EXPAND!

With so much love in my heart for you,



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