THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/28/2013

Just when you think you KNOW something, you might want to check in with yourself. In the knowing, you are no longer learning, and are not open to receiving more grace. Let the Universe surprise you by always being a student, in all ways. When you are open to receiving, you are also a clear vessel for to help others. Keep with the keeping on and BE in the flow, for there is much grace to be had in the winding rivers of the Mother we call Earth. Your heart has gotten you this far, better to remain there than in your head. “Knowing” is a head game. “Being” is a heart game. In the end it’s ALL a GAME, but which one would you rather be playing? Let me clue you in… In the head-knowing, there is suffering when you realize you didn’t know. In the heart-being, you are in Divine flow, Divine timing, and Divine grace where WISDOM is so much more powerful than KNOWLEDGE. So I’ll ask, now, a second time. Which game would you rather be playing, heart or head? Choose with your heart and that’s where you’ll land. In the land of heartfelt honey.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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