THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/7/15


Like anything else big that stands in the Sun, the heart casts a shadow. When the service work of the holder of said heart remains foremost at hand, the shadow that its holder casts is wide-reaching and acts as a beacon for themselves and all others. Similarly, when the heart is held up with questions, anxiety, doubt and fear, one can imagine the shadow a heart such as this may cast, yes? Correct. It produces more of those very things.

This is known as the affect of the aura.

Scientifically speaking, the aura has been proven to exist as a magnetic field around the human body, which can be perceived and felt by others. What science is about to prove is that what the heart center holds in it determines the shape, size, and color of the aura.  It also determines the life-span of the holder. Yes, read that last sentence one more time.

This absolutely does mean that if you consciously impact the nature of the aura via the heart and what it holds, that one can change the length of their life. “But isn’t that all pre-determined?” No.

What is predetermined is THAT you will have certain experiences throughout the course of your oversoul’s experience of its own Cosmic Blueprint. This acts like an historic fingerprint to the soul. It is unique and occurs in Divine Timing, which has no concept of human time. What is guaranteed are the lessons, not the lifetime and the methods by which they come.

During your lifetimes, you are given windows, or portals really, into opportunities that have the potential to raise your spiritual frequency/vibration if taken. When they are taken, and your heart chooses a higher path, your WHOLE person is changed from the inside out, beginning at a very deep cellular (DNA) level. When this occurs, and you finally begin to touch higher truths, your newly upgraded “higher vibration” begins to resonate cell to cell. Your heart begins to understand its truth, and you begin to cast that truth into your aura. The greatest test lies in the mirror that will be held up for you in return.

If you buy into others’ dramas and falsehoods, you can actually depreciate your own light and, in so doing, cast fear and doubt again out into the world from a higher vibrational place. However, if you emerge with truth that you absolutely KNOW has shifted you, and you are ready for real service, you begin to take each breath, each step with gratitude. In this way, you take the warmth of the sun and exude its warmth as your offering of love to the planet. No matter what shows up for you, you are confident you will come through it with ease and success. For this is the way it was meant for you to experience it.

This does not mean you will not be tried. It just means you will remember your resilience while being tried. In so doing, you become the caster of truth by standing in THE WAY OF THE SON… the Savior… the example… the Christed One. In this way, you never again forget your worth, or your desire to see all souls awaken. You accept your cup with a smile and KNOW you will RISE again to meet your creator tomorrow. For it is your destiny to light the path and show the way.

So remain in your hearts during this mass transition now, and cast your shadows far and wide. The world needs your second coming more than ever.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach