THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/27/14


Whenever an Energy arises (bliss, anger, happiness, sadness, etc.), it’s best to FEEL it 100%. Don’t put a cap on it, or allow your being to act as a pressure cooker. Feel what you are feeling. Don’t be in resistance to it.

Being in resistance creates patterns in your DNA. You create methods or routines for dealing with these types of things that arise if you resist them. Whereas, if you feel these emotions in their entirety, you can then allow them to pass through you and later say that these energies were present. There is quite a difference between saying, “I am angry.” vs. “Anger is present.”, or “I was angry.” vs “Anger was present.”  Try saying “I am chicken pox.” Doesn’t make sense does it? Then how can you be anger? The answer is that you BE anger when you resist its message and feel all of its associated Energy and believe that you ARE the Energy, rather than KNOWING that this Energy is simply moving through your vessel and that it has a message for you while it is moving.  Ask for the message and say thank you.  Then move on.

Thinking that you shouldn’t be angry, or sad, or anything else is an illusion. You cannot BE any of those things in actuality. You can only believe that you are by attaching to thoughts that aren’t real. When you realize that you are not your thoughts, you can be liberated from thinking that you ARE anything other than LOVE. That is how you were created, and that is how you will return HOME, no matter how many things you thought you were in between.

So, the next time an emotion rises in you, rather than resisting it, try feeling it ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Don’t attach it to the “I AM” presence, but just fully FEEL it there within you. Like ALL other energies, if you allow it to properly move, it will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And, in the end, you will still have your I AM intact, but unattached to the Energy that just moved through your being. In doing this, even as a practice, you will be doing the world a great service, as you are serving humanity on a level that most of humanity is not yet ready to understand. And, so, you do it for every ONE, not just for you – in other words, you do it for “I AM”.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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