THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/26/15


Creation is thought; reality the projection of that thought outside of you to experience it.

So why are you not creating what you want? Have a look at your thoughts, particularly the limiting ones. They will show you why.

Just breathe. Seriously, try it. As cliche as you may find that statement, it is one of the keys to the kingdom. Go ahead, it won’t kill you to just take a deep breath. Just give it a shot.

In your state of quandary, we understand and hear you. But, know, you have the ability within you to change how you view the world and everything in it. The world is not happening to you despite your best efforts to continue thinking that it is.

You have the ability to create what you want, and not what you don’t. BUT, first you MUST be in a clear enough space to BELIEVE IT and then DO IT. Come on… Just laugh and realize you create the sh*t or the shift… it’s only one letter you know. One letter is the difference between too much on your plate, and a clean slate. Choose the clean slate and create, RIGHT NOW, what you want.


It’s easy. Literally see it. See it and feel what it would look like to create a new job/career, or new friends, a child, a loving partner, new connections, making more abundance, enjoying life and feeling happy and successful. It ALL starts with a thought. For God said, “Let there be light…”, but only after He had the thought of what light was.

That’s what we mean by “create it”. See it, whatever it is, as having already happened and create the magic you seek.

Here’s the biggest part, though. It isn’t just words. It’s literally THE KEY to the mystery of the Universe.

“Think” about that…

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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