THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/29/14


Have you been feeling the shift? On some level, we know, how can you not be? Ha ha!

So this past year has been about figuring out who you are. What a ride! See, you must first truly know who you are not to know who you are. Try it out. Could you identify what was right for you without knowing what was not?

The good news is that all the work you have been doing on this front is now coming to a loving fruition… for yourself. You are birthing new parts of you. Your dreams are coming into focus. That is because you contracted for this to happen in this way at this time.

Don’t get caught up in lifetimes and timing… The “time” we speak of is DIVINE. So when we say “at this time”, we mean when all of the arrows are pointing in one direction, this direction, it is because you are being awakened NOW to all of your magnificence. That can only happen when your soul chooses to have specific experiences in specific ways within the continuum.

It is all perfect, and yet perfectly not understood. For now, know ONLY this… You play out the karma, until karma no longer exists for you. When this happens, and the unfoldment of your truest essence comes forward, you create your dreams, you let go of karmic seeds, and all is made even so that the positive results of your conscious, loving karma show themselves to you. It is then that you begin to become the Creator once more.

And this is happening for many light workers at this time. Well done!

Enjoy the expansion of 2015! Your dreams have become reality!

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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