THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/28/15


Truth has a vibration. Can you feel what it is we speak of with this? Try it. Close your eyes and say your name quietly to yourself. Can you feel the resonance of, “Yes, that is my name…”? That is because of the vibration of truth that you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a truth. But the truth of who you are cannot actually be contained in a human body. Now close your eyes and try repeating that last sentence to your “self” as you feel into its truth. Does that feel a bit more “big”, yet somehow VERY cosmically truthful? This is because there are truths and then there are TRUTHS.

There is absolute truth (local) and ultimate truth (non-local).

You can think of local truth (absolute) as dense, known, already manifest in the physical truth. Alternatively, you can think of non-local truth (ultimate) as unmanifest, not yet physical, and from where the potentiality of everything comes. This can be more easily identified with as “the dark” or “the unknown”.

But could you imagine if, JUST for a second, you allowed yourself to “feel into” the subtle unknown and if you pretended for that second that you were capable of existing there always? Can you feel the power of that?! Of course it would require you to be in the uncomfortableness of the “unknown”, but that is TRULY where magic lies.

You see, everything is first “the dark” before it becomes “known” to you. Ever wonder why, if reincarnation is real, you had to come back as a child ALL OVER AGAIN? It has much to do with learning lessons and to do so, you must first experience the fearlessness of an infant to ensure you know what is and what is not “possible” for you. This, of course, is based upon two things: 1) how far you went in your last human incarnation (which you show up with the grace from in this lifetime) and 2) what your experiences are in this lifetime that you then “label” as “possible” or “impossible”.

This process defines the “realm” in which you exist until, as an adult, you choose to begin exploring again. This usually begins to occur when you step onto a spiritual path and begin testing playfully again the Universe and its workings. And, ultimately, things like reincarnation, dimensions, karma, elemental creatures (fairies, leprechauns, unicorns, etc), and on and on are actually, and ultimately, real. What makes them so is ultimate truth, the dark, the unknown… to you. Despite your absolute knowledge that they are NOT real, they ARE! And your absolute belief otherwise will NEVER change ultimate truth, thus making it ultimate.

Again, truth has a vibration, which can be felt at a cellular level whether it is understood by the mind or not. Now please hear us for your own benefit when we tell you a MAJOR key to the Universe here. Labels – more specifically, labeling something as static or a specific way – labels are prudent ONLY inasmuch as the mind needs them to be. Please re-read that.

What this means is that labels are there for the mind’s egoic experience of your reality. However, the ego is based almost entirely in knowns to help keep you, the person, safe (i.e. possible vs impossible, safe vs unsafe – all comes from what is known to you). So, for example, say you have a feeling or thought that leads to more thoughts, and more feelings, and more thoughts and so on. Somewhere in there is the vibration of truth, buried beneath the labels you may have given to the feelings until you are truly ready to deal with the feelings. Once you deal with the root feelings, the thoughts will cease, leaving you free to experience more and more truth. The more you hold onto labels, and resist feeling feelings, the more you remain fixated and “stuck” in the known vs expanding into the full potentiality of non-local existence, or 5D and beyond.

However, the moment you have your first experience with creating from non-local, wonderment begins to break down the pre-existing labels because you begin questioning EVERYTHING in a healthy way once more. Now, perhaps, you are doing this as a spiritual aspirant who seeks breaking down boundaries and limitations. So, if you are confused, good. Confusing the mind must occur immediately preceding learning in your cells. Confusion bypasses the intellectual mind when truth is present and this allows your being to “get it” beyond the mind, beyond understanding. In essence, this experience allows the heart (the sacred heart, not the physical one) to have an experience in the body sans the mind. It is a blissful feeling that automagically bypasses the mind to help you to ALLOW feelings.

Feelings are the reason you are in a body. In the blissness of it all, human feelings cease to exist. They can only be felt on the densest of realms IN the way THAT you feel them. And those feelings hold Cosmic blueprints that unlock Universal Truth to all beings in all galaxies on all dimensions. It’s BIG, we know. But just trust us. This IS how it works. This means you feeling your feelings, getting your lessons and living a life ensures that interstellar balance is upheld.  Only that, no more. Ha ha!

But fret not… it is all perfect.

All that is required of you at this time is to consider the possibilities from this day forward of NOT labeling, but rather identifying something’s truth by feeling into the subtle nature from whence it came. This will show a WHOLE NEW WORLD to you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach