THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/21/15


Everything is energy, is it not? And once created, it cannot be destroyed. So, let us ask you, “Does your mobile telephone work? Yes? And do you know EXACTLY HOW it does? No? But it still works, correct?” You see, one not need know the ins and outs of energy to know THAT it is real and how powerful it can be when channeled and focused correctly. But to understand THAT you are an energetic being is ONLY the beginning of, well, everything.

Humans like to believe that they can containerize emotions, feelings to suit others’ expectations of them, stave off disappointment, or for fear of what others will think. But, E-motion is just that… energy in motion. When you attempt to containerize that, it will manifest as stuck energy. Why? Because it is being pushed down or stuck in some way. Once “stuck”, it could manifest as pain, illness, dis-ease, nervousness, anxiety, fear, and on and on.

The only way to release “stuck” energy, and allow your full potential for happiness to come to the forefront, is to fully feel and process what it is you have pushed down. This does NOT require you to confront people or experiences from your past or present. Rather, it first requires a desire to move the stuck energy. Then, it literally and quite simply ONLY requires you to sit with the stuck energy. What this means is that you would need to create a time and space for you to sit still in the uncomfortable energy that you have pushed down and tucked away. However, again, there is something else this does NOT require. You need not create stories about “what” the feelings or emotions are. You need ONLY feel them, whatever they are. They are not going to hurt or kill you. They cannot. You will only ever be able to uncover from the subconscious in this way that (or the amount) which it knows the conscious mind is ready to release.

Keep in mind, this is a process. It could take several “sittings” to get through this. The key is remembering that you ARE moving energy the minute you decide to consciously deal with it in this way. So the next time you deal with it, you are dealing with LESS of it, and so on and so forth. Should the pattern of frustration, discomfort, or dis-ease continue to arise, KNOW that you are never where you were. That is not possible. You are only ever HERE, NOW.  You are only re-visiting grooves in the record until they are each fully polished and make incredible music for the melodic symphony of the great potential that is your life. Much like the layers of the onion, energy is laid on in layers. To make that incredible music, you must work through the tracks.

Of course, if you feel too stuck in a pattern of re-visiting, you can help to speed up the process by seeking out the assistance of a conscious facilitator (coach, energy healer, or what have you) who you trust knows and understands energy, and HOW to move it. No matter the method, the key is that you are willing to focus your intention to move through something with conscious thought and effort, KNOWING that as you do so, you are releasing pent up energy not only in and for you, but for the planet. Think about this way… if you are less “stuck” and pent up with energy, then so is your household, your place of work, and so, then, are your families’ and co-workers’ households and on and on.

You see, working on your mobile phone’s static makes the mobile network more static-free. Keep up the great work!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach