THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/19/16


The good news IS love. To spread it is to feel it. Feel this… Christ came for ALL souls.

Today, we have an old message for you with hopes that it finally strikes a new chord of truth, so that you may feel its truth, and share this celebration (openly or silently from within) with others.

During the Christmas Season on Earth, people all over the world remember the birth of a Savior. What the world often does not recall is that the savior WAS consciousness itself. Not a single man, but rather the consciousness this man was to carry, and did carry during his lifetime (and beyond), was the message.

You see, first he was a man. Born a Jew, indeed. And you know he spoke, acted, and taught in metaphors even from a young age, as Spiritual Masters often do. So what did he do? He transcended his familial, religious lineage of Judaism by having his cousin, John, baptize him in the River Jordan.

Think on this for a moment.

Religion was SUCH a household and community staple. This teacher-boy became a man and had his family member baptize him to be a Christian – moreover, ONE who is of the Christ lineage. NOT of a religious lineage, but of a lineage of conscious awakening. He was a man transcending religious beliefs and teaching that IT is all ONE. Jesus was being initiated to hold the light until such a time that mankind could begin to hold this light for themselves. His baptism was the anointing of a conscious lineage holder – that all may follow in his endeavors.

The celebration of the birth of Jesus, in metaphor, is the celebration of the birth of consciousness that, itself, transcends beliefs by bringing Cosmic Wisdom to a vessel known as a human body. To hold the Christ energy of ascending, or transcending old beliefs, even for a millisecond on the Earth plane within a human vessel, is a blessing.

What is Christ energy? It is love… unconditional love, actually. No strings, simply gratitude and love that cannot be explained but rather it only “wants” to help all others, who believe they are separate and forgotten, to remember the truth of connectedness. The Christ energy has ONE purpose – to serve in the awakening of humans to their Cosmic Selves. This opens up the “Gates of Heaven” (or the gates of the heavens/Cosmos), that make available a portal of creatorship energy within each man, woman and child to connect to the expanse of the endless possibilities of God-consciousness.

There is no belief in LOVE. There is only energy and a knowing. It is this energy that a Master Spiritual Teacher was sent to earth some 2,000 plus years ago to help anchor in mankind. The miracle is that it is available to you right now. It is simply asking you to feel it, allow it, and awake, awake, awake to it… NOW. THIS is the birth of a savior, YOUR savior, for YOU are the second coming.

As consciousness awakens within you, you become the creator, and you save yourself from your negative thoughts and beliefs, as you move toward the service of helping others awaken to this truth. Negativity breeds dis-ease, not bad luck. Love breeds a full life of beauty.

This awakening allows you to transcend belief and hope into knowing. This knowing is your birthright. This man came for ALL souls. Now He is asking that you come Home to Him through love – ALL religions welcome.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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