THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/16/13


You’ve come so far! Time to realize that this is not light at the end of this tunnel, but you are amidst the EMERGING NOW. No more tunnel, no more darkness, no more challenge. Life? Yes. Challenge? No. Flow? Yes.

Everything in stride now. You need to see the upside, the positive, and focus on it now. Remaining heart-centered is key. The mind will attempt to think linearly. But you are living fifth dimensional reality now, or at least you can be. But you need to CHOOSE it. Everything in fifth dimensional reality has happened… you just have yet to perceive it that way.

But it’s ok to actually still be learning. Beating yourselves up is third dimensional living. When you overanalyze, you live in the head. Your head needs to become a servant to your abundant and all-knowing heart. It will and can NEVER lead you astray. For, within the heart, or at least in the chamber behind it, resides the impermanent you, or at least an aspect of it. The one that re-resides in you each time you return in new skin you call a body.

The key to accessing that aspect of you more often is CHOICE. You always have that choice. How often, though, are you going to actually choose it? If it wasn’t challenging, being an earthly being wouldn’t be where it’s at. But it is! And the difference between “challenging” and something being a “challenge” is also a choice. There is challenge/struggle, and then there is challenge/exciting which equates to being given the keys to unlocking the secrets of the Universe.

So what are you going to choose? Stay the course? Or throw in the towel in an Epic Odyssey that you are actually winning?

With so much love in my heart for you,



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