THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/14/15


Get it? It is a statement, not a question. Everyone and everything IS the teacher, a teacher, THE teacher, and so on. There is nothing (no-thing) that is not the teacher, and the greatest wisdom you will ever carry is by having experiences with “the teacher”, in whatever fashion IT shows up. But answering the age old question of “which” teacher to listen to is a phenomenon, is it not? Of course it is!

You see, the goal of ALL teachers, ESPECIALLY THE PHYSICAL GURU, is to return all “students” (or chelas) to the INNER TEACHER. It remains the wisest and most powerful teacher of them all.

To truly return to your teacher, however, you must first give away your own light and own power, in this lifetime or another. Only through the process of duality, and the dualistic plane and state of existence, can an individualized soul fully empower itself, thereby then making itself ready to embody enlightenment. To do so, as one would fully experience the “brilliance” (brilliant set up of appreciation) of the sun by fully experiencing the haziness and cloud cover of the rain, the spiritual aspirant must first give their power to another source in some way, only to learn to come back to the brilliance of the Christed “Son” within.

It is then that the process of teach-ing, even if only by mere existence, begins. It is this way because the TEACHER must first be fully present, even if only for a few moments, before authentic teaching can be channeled through the vessel. Ahh, and the Universe tests you, does it not?  Ha ha!

You see, the tests come and come and come, until the only test left to “understand” was that it was never a test, but rather a game that YOU set up for you to win. Why? Because the entire purpose of this existence is service, and the game transforms you into humble servant, ESPECIALLY when you ARE THE TEACHER… the constant conscious gardener.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach