THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/12/16


Times of great change challenge you to remain within, rather than attempting to fix everything “out there”. We know. However, that is the path of truth seekers. Never is a truth found out there that did not come from within first. What we mean is that the remnant of that truth MUST exist inside you first before you can see it out there. Once you see it, it is merely a mirrored effect of remembrance.

That is the process of waking up.

For you to see love, peace, calm, they must first exist within. If you want the outer to change, begin to accept with love the BIG picture. The picture depicts a collective that is not quite ready for the truths that you have come to know and trust in your heart. You are not better than or less than, however. You simply are. They simply are.

Hate might be contagious, but so is compassion. Acceptance is key.

You know, so much has been stated over the last 5-6 decades on your plane about accepting people and their differences – culturally, religious beliefs and practices, economic class, and the like. But do not also forget to accept all, each at their level of spiritual growth, enlightenment, or levels of “awake-ness”. For truly, ALL the other categories of acceptance come from this place.

The truth is, if you are reading and absorbing this somewhere in your being as truth, you are simply vibrating at a higher frequency than the current majority. But you affect many with your open mind and simply by being who and what you are.

If you judge another, you are not in acceptance. You are more than likely in a state of projection to help keep you and your belief systems feeling safe. Do not attach to whether or not “they get it”. This type of attachment will only ever cause suffering. It truly does not matter, or materialize in your world, unless it MATTERs to you. If you want to create a loving environment, find and see the love.

Times of great change often include much fear in the collective. They require great fortitude for those IN the know to use WHAT they know. Times of great change require you to be the example of compassion, hope, and love. For, even if the world at large does not shift overnight, your entire world just might if you remember who you are as often as you can.

You are the light incarnate. Now hold that space of light and truth for the collective and trump collective darkness.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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