THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/21/2013

With so much change happening in and around you, it’s best that you take a deep breath in now.  Go ahead, inhale deeply.  Now, exhale.  It would be nearly impossible for you to understand it all on a human level right now, so know this – you were the first ones in line for the shift, so you have been taking it hard and fast!  It’s ok, though.  And you are ok.  It is being setup for you to be in a position to help many as they, too, will be shifting.  Simply stay the course now.  It probably seems as though much old debris has been dug up for you as of late.  It’s not that you have so much more of THAT to deal with, but instead if you will allow your perspective to shift, you will see that it is quite the opposite.  You are being shown your progress in these areas.  If leftover pieces of worry and concern are still there for you, or anxiety and frustration still persist to some degree, you are simply forgetting how much worse it was at one time and how much growth you have seen.  Ease into it and allow the feelings and you will soon find you move through them at lightning speeds now.  This is the way of the warrior.  Be in the uneasiness and allow your atma to be shifted!   After all, what you resist persists and what you allow shifts now.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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