THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/1/14


So, my friends, the next leg of the journey is about FINALLY letting go of that which no longer serves you. You know, the company you continually choose to entertain? No? Not getting it yet? How about this… the company of self-deprecating thoughts that you maintain in your head is eating you alive. You are hounding yourself. Does that make sense?

You are your own best critic. How do we know? It’s simple… biting the nails, scratching the skin, nervous ticks, bouncing from one conversation to another with others without absorbing the last one, constantly looking for distractions or the next most entertaining thing, and the list goes on and on.

You see, as we have said before, the key to letting go is accepting what is, all of it, in all ways. This includes accepting that you may partake in some of the above-mentioned activities of the monkey mind… you know, that part of you that needs to constantly chatter, either to you or with others.

Try this… attempt to sit still, RIGHT NOW, for 10 seconds. BREATHE into your HEART center. Do you not feel more centered within your being? Of course you do. You must. That feeling, right there, is the NEW WORLD. Wouldn’t you rather exist there than taste it from time to time? You can. It is a choice. Like choosing to work out the physical form in a gymnasium, you would have to rather choose your “thought workout”, or “thought routine”… you know… the sequence of thoughts that would bring love, balance and harmony back to your SELF, instead of the series of loveless quandaries and beatings you are providing to your temple on a moment to moment basis.

FEAR NOT, THOUGH! There are many tools we have been providing to you in various forms to help remind you. These would include loving gatherings of people of higher like mind, conscious awareness, and love. These HIGHER gatherings of outer, and inner, company you’d keep are known as satsang. The higher the satsang, the higher your vibration. The higher your vibration, the higher the thoughts. The higher the thoughts, the more peaceful your being. The more peaceful you’re being, the higher the service you are paying to you, and ALL of those who keep your company.

Conscious workshops, healings, self-aware life coaches, channelers, and so on are all conscious tools that we have provided to you to help you step out of the drama and into your dharma (right path). You say you want to know what your service is, your life path, your purpose, or your higher calling? Well, give drama a rest for 10 minutes today, find your inner position of peace, and allow those answers to become part of your experience.

It is ALL right there always, and in all ways. You have just forgotten. We, and the tools we provide you, are here to remind you of such truths. So, for this holiday season, give yourselves the gift of peace. Find your strength and answers from within the peaceful space of your heart. When you do so, you will release the hound(s).

~ Master Merlin & Associates

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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