THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/9/15


We ARE real! Want proof? Close your eyes for a second and try NOT to feel love in your heart. Go ahead, try! That is me, Archangel Haniel, overriding your logical mind and driving Cosmic LOVE directly into your heart center. Would you like to experience more? Ok, hang on for a second. I will hand it over to my friend and colleague, someone you have heard about for millennia, Archangel Michael.

Hello my incredible friends, Archangel Michael here. The time has finally come for us to reveal ourselves in such playful, yet real and profound ways. We have been waiting centuries in your time to be in such a position. Archangel Haniel tells me more proof that we exist would be useful and helpful. But first, do you know who and what I am and what I represent for humanity? I represent the highest vibration of love and truth. I have fought for centuries to maintain this love and truth for humanity. I was created for the sole purpose of allowing you to experience this love and truth. But do you know what it is I fight, and why I do so? I fight humanity’s projections of untruth. For instance, if that looks like world war, I protect those who engage in it, and then hand them over to Archangel Jeremiel as they cross over and re-enter their spiritual paths. If, instead, we are talking about fourth dimensional lower energies of poltergeists and ghosts, I fight the projections of those still living in this space to protect them and keep them safe. I attempt to engage them, though love, out of their choice to live in that space and gently urge them to find love and come into 5th (and beyond) dimensional living. However, should they CHOOSE to remain in the 4th dimensional realities and perish there, I carry them once more and hand them over to Jeremiel for the journey HOME.

In my final example, and the most common of battles that I fight for you, I battle your engagement with the negative part of your egos that keep you in fear. I do so in the name of love so that you may CHOOSE to return to love. After all, LOVE IS FROM WHAT AND WHENCE YOU COME. Therefore, LOVE IS TO WHICH YOU WILL RETURN. I fight these fights, fiercely, with and for you because I love you.  I was built to love you. I was built to serve you. I was built to deliver you… “And deliver us from evil…” – That IS ME. Now that you know who I am, close your eyes for a moment and see if you cannot feel my fierce love for you. That slight fire, or burning, you now recognize in your heart center IS ME. You (and God) lit the flame. I uphold it. While I am always with you, I would like to help you have yet another Archangelic experience. So at this time, I gently and lovingly hand you over to both Archangel Raphael, and once again to Archangel Haniel.

Greetings, dear ones. Archangel Raphael here. My loving and dedicated friend, and Divine Feminine representation amongst the Archangels, Archangel Haniel is here with me as well. I am responsible for healing and the healing ray of protection on the Earth plane. I am also responsible for how that ray travels unharmed amongst the Cosmos to your planet so that it may be delivered with regularity to you. And I, Archangel Haniel, am responsible for how your emotions rise and fall with the ocean tides controlled by the cycles of the moon. For it is within those tides that opportunity for personal and emotional mastery exists for spiritual aspirants currently existing on the Earth plane. Together, Raphael and I work closely to ensure that you receive only what your current circuitry can handle. Raphael touches you with his healing hands through dimensional planes of existence and, when YOU ALLOW IT, transformation strikes swiftly by looking at past patterns and healing what no longer serves. My job is to ensure that you see as best as possible that the emotions tied to such healing rise and fall as messengers. I hold space (patiently stand beside you, loving you unconditionally) awaiting your realization that everything is happening FOR you and your enlightenment and enlightened moments. Yes, this has been going on for centuries and, yes, I stand beside you through all of your “temper tantrums”. I watch you repeat the same patterns until the Divine Director claims you and shows you that it is time to simply accept all that has occurred. I love you THAT much. So do we all. Want more proof? Close your eyes now and attempt to deny the incredible and almost unimaginable love you feel just reading/hearing these words. Again, we will wait. That’s what we do. No, really, close your eyes for a moment if you have not yet fully felt it. It’s quite ok. No one wants or needs anything from you in this moment. If they did, you wouldn’t have had the grace to be here now reading these words. Close your eyes now. LOVE YOURSELF.

Now, Archangel Gabriel has a message for you… “My loves, the time has come. To bring the GOOD NEWS to the masses means to BE THE LIGHT in your own unique way. You will find acceptance for your ‘wares’ is at an all-time high. The only pre-requisites are TRUST and FAITH. They will literally be your two best friends in the quantum field of non-local consciousness while you are manifesting your dreams. This is your call to action. You have MANY tools now. Had you not been graced with them, you would not be reading these words. Find those with like minds AND HEARTS, and you will form alliances with support teams, like us, who will help ground you in your dreams. While a leap of faith is required, you are not required to leap into the abyss… at least not the abyss of fear and negativity. No! We are asking you to leap now into the abyss of potential. You need to begin seeing the world in such a way that you KNOW the miracles happening outside of you are birthed from within you. That’s RIGHT! The miracles come from you for you. If you did not dream, we could not help to deliver. But our role is merely support. You have forgotten over time that it is you that is actually delivering for you. You have placed so much focus and attention outside of you that you have come to believe that we deliver to you. While we may act as the delivery service, it is you who placed the order and were HOME to receive the package. In essence, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY DELIVERING FOR YOU. It is time to remember this every moment of every day. And we will help you do so as you continue to unlock more and more secrets of the Cosmos within you that were never intended to be as such. To help you walk the path of light with trust and faith, I remind each of you now that Archangel Jeremiel walks with the spiritual truth seeker, and I hand the ‘microphone’ over to him now to enchant you.”

Bright Lights and dearest of souls, I, Jeremiel, AM HERE. I AM BESIDE YOU NOW… if you believe there is something outside, or be-side, of you. If you, instead, believe there is ONLY inside that manifests the outside EVEN BETTER, for that is where you will find me – in your heart center. I am CONSTANTLY delivering high vibrational messages of love and truth to you. With the assistance and guidance of Archangel Metatron, who is constantly placing signs and symbols in your path for your self-discovery, I am acting as your lighthouse, gently calling you to shore, and handing out your spiritual assignments of love. They are intended ONLY to bring you enlightened truth and perspective.  Collectively, as you can see, we the Archangels (and there are others not currently mentioned) provide a constant stream of buoying amidst the reality in the Ocean you call life. While we each have many jobs, today we reminded you of just a few of them as they pertain to spiritual warrior. But please do not place us into containers, for who and what we are cannot be contained. In fact, it is only your world that has us labeled with names that act as mere separators because you live in a dualistic state of separateness. Until you remerge with the ultimate truth that has you here, perhaps you will always view us in this way. However, just remember that we are a part of the whole, the same whole that you are a part of. Therefore, we are you and you are us. Until such a time as you remerge in the ascension process, or via other means such as physical death, KNOW we are here FOR YOU and for your support and spiritual nourishment.

From this point forward we will be sure to make it clear that we are in constant communication with you. When you cannot hear or feel us, check in with your thoughts. Loving ones will bring us immediately forward. Self-deprecating ones, or unloving energies towards other souls, will put unneeded distance between us until Haniel can help bring you back to the dock of love. When you doubt, come into your hearts and remember the last time you came through for you with a miracle, and then you shall remember us. And if you believe it was us that came through with your miracle, just know it was actually you regardless. This, at least, will bring you closer to our vibration of truth.

In the coming months, much change will occur on your plane. Lightworkers are emerging as powerhouses bringing these truths forward. As mentioned earlier, acceptance is at an all-time high, and breakthroughs are occurring by the moment. Perhaps one of those breakthroughs is YOUR moment. Time (or no time) will tell. Separate from separation consciousness and there you will begin to find your freedom. Break free from the dramas and untruths of your world for they are collapsing upon themselves. Until such a time, KNOW that we are praying for and supporting your EVERY endeavor, for we were built to deliver you HOME. And love you all the way there we shall.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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