The MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/18/16


You know when something is “true” for you and when it is not, do you not? And how do you know? We have talked with you about truth having a vibration in prior messages. So how does one on the Earth plane find this truth, this vibration?

Generally speaking, the truth just is. Humans know when they are telling themselves the truth and when they are telling partial truths. They need only sit still and ground long enough for that truth to sink in. Of course, the human fear enters the equation that if the human actually looks at the fear that it will destroy them. So the human resists, which causes unrest, more confusion, more fear. Eventually, it may even lead to physical shifts within them – pain, weight gain, other health issues or concerns.

But the belief that truthfully looking at something will destroy you IS PURELY illusion. Actually, it will liberate you. For you cannot be destroyed. You ARE energy.

While it can be true that your reality is an illusion, or that illusion is your reality, to find the middle path (yoga), or liberation, one must get fully centered within their being by sitting still enough for YOUR Cosmic Blueprint to talk to you. ONLY then will reality and illusion meet, neutralize one another, and give way to the God-self where ALL inquiries cease to exist and ONLY truth prevails.

Introspection is the greatest tool you have at your disposal after the breath. For introspection leads one past illusion, stories and drama, and directly into the fire of truth that leads ALL souls FULLY HOME… otherwise known as enlightenment. To sit in introspection requires trust, faith and courage. To be courageous is to be a spiritual warrior. And if you are not fully there yet, recognize that you just courageously accepted that you are not, AND that this recognition in itself is courage at work within you. That alone should help ease your worry.

But worry not. It is wasteful in the long run. Be only mindful of when fear or doubt or worry arise. When they do, notice the thought… for that is all that it is. No more. Just a thought. As you do this, your courage will grow. Courage to look a little deeper this time, next time, and so on. Finally, you will realize that you are actually sitting in “truthful” meditation as a result of this practice.

That is all that this plane of existence is… a practicing ground where tests are thrown at you often. Will you go into illusion – worry, fear, and anxiety – or will you come to the reality that those are NOT love? If you choose the latter, you will BE IN LOVE. And from this place  A  N  Y  T  H  I  N  G is possible.

The key is to allow your thoughts to move fully through you. For they are attempting to escape you, while you are grasping at them for fear of change. Accept that change is the way, and release your concerns and step into growth. Be with the feelings, allow them to rise and MOVE OUT of you. Do not cling for fear of change, for that IS the illusion. Remember, everything changes all the time – this is the nature of nature, and to resist it leads to suffering. Instead, being in flow with change brings abundance, love, and happiness.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach