THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/16/17


Dear ones, you have heard so many times that there are signs everywhere, have you not? And there are for sure. There is a deeper level, though, to these signs. This depth we speak of expands your conscious awareness about just how much grace you have as a human. This level is called the Grand Intersection of All Life.

At this depth of spiritual awareness, the aspirant begins to not only see the signs, but begins to KNOW without the intellect how ALL of their experiences are interconnected with their other experiences, as well as with everyone else’s. This is where the term “We are all ONE.” comes from. YOU truly ARE.

To explore that truth on the highest levels, the word “coincidence” begins to drop out of one’s experience altogether. Here, coincidence quickly begins to be replaced by serendipity – the deep interconnection of otherwise seemingly unrelated events. This is where it becomes known to the aspirant that a butterfly opening its wings half-way around the globe has literally just impacted the aspirant’s life. And this serendipitous energy is available to all who allow it. Funny enough, though, this experience of the interconnectedness of it all often escapes even the most accomplished student who has traversed many an obstacle on the path to awakening.

You see, trust is requisite in the student. Resistance to trust is often deep-seated (or deep-seeded) and “interconnected” to presently unknown conditions within the aspirant. For if this trust was inherent on any level, the interconnectedness would begin, and continue, to reveal itself until it fully unfolded within the aspirant. Often times, however, this unfoldment of trust is among the final steps in the path to enlightenment. In fact, this is often when a true spiritual teacher (or satguru) enters the student’s path. This is because to end the game is to trust FULLY in it. For if you were to KNOW this trust FULLY, you either wouldn’t need to be here, or you would be fully surrendered in being here to be of service to others.

At the time the teacher enters the path, a certain euphoria usually first overcomes the student. This happens to instill an assuredness on deep levels, so that should the student begin to question and distrust the path WITH the teacher, the deep-seeded assuredness will keep them connected to the teacher, even when they think they have taken a “break” from said teacher, either in the physical, or ethereally, for a minute or a lifetime or two.

However, the truth has been instilled nonetheless. And this truth, placed amidst the connectedness of it ALL, is the very beacon, or homing device used to return the student to the path of awakening a little more lifetime after lifetime.

You see, doubt has you question which path to choose at intersections. However, trust has you understand and accept that both paths are the ONE path. When you begin to make empowered choices from this space, decisions become much easier. It this something you think you want but don’t know how to attain. It’s a lot more simple than you realize actually. It requires only one thing. Acceptance without understanding. And we will keep reinforcing this until your moment strikes. And ONLY YOU (the Higher you) know when that will be.

In the meantime, now that you have been told once more that these intersections are prevalent, why not begin to see them. They are there, but you are perhaps choosing to look through other lenses. But if, instead, you connect all the “coincidences”, you would only require ONE lens through which to view the movie, called God.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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