THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/13/14


So, how do you know which one?

You see, there are always multiple teachings within a teaching. So the teacher can always contradict themselves in ALL ways… helps you to find your truth doesn’t it? And isn’t that where THE truth lies? You see, truth is subject to change… after all it is YOUR reality, is it not?

Ok, so on to anger… You see, allowing oneself to become fully angry instills in the “I AM” that YOU are angry. In fact, if you were to allow anger to be present within you, perhaps you could feel the emotion and let it move through you, thus leaving you feeling stable once more… and sooner.

However, if you “ARE” angry, then you become it, don’t you? And if you become it, then how can you recognize that you’re still in it until someone points it out?

There are some teachings that say, “Don’t get angry… ever.” The reasoning is that you will create a pathway across the synapses in your brain toward a habitual state of angriness. However, this only happens when you don’t allow the ENERGY of anger to move through you completely. When that happens, you become like a pressure cooker… allowing that energy to rise only so much before you turn down the heat and allow yourself to simmer, until you cool, leaving behind the residue of that anger (i.e. “BEING” angry, or anger remaining in your “BEING”.)

So which is it? Get angry, or don’t get angry? Are you getting angry at this post? Ha ha! Ok, so here’s the thing see – don’t GET angry, but ALLOW ANGER TO FULLY MOVE THROUGH YOU. Storing it in any way creates the pathway… storing as in never fully feeling it or fully dealing with it, but pushing it down. That’s what creates the storage in the cells. But if you allow it to move COMPLETELY through you, then there’s nothing left to store is there? And, to allow something to fully move through you is to become conscious of its trigger fully, thereby nullifying its residual effects to trigger you ever again.

So, it’s simple… be who you are, FULLY… and fear NOT!

With so much love in my heart for you,



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