THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/3/14


If energies within and around you these past few days or weeks seems like craziness at times, or even utter madness, fret not young warriors. For there is hope. You see, it is simple really. The path to peace requires that you heal pieces of your path.

To do so, it is time for seeking what you have hidden. What this means is that, deep in your subconscious, you have hidden all of your hurts, angers and rejections. And now it is time to find what you have hidden. To do so, the name of the game is “Identification”. Identify your triggers in the incredible teachers (everyone) who has come into your life and has set you off.

The reason they have set you off was probably stored within you by the age of 7. So this is nothing new, just a new opportunity to heal it. Once healed, you neutralize the charge from this type of energy now and in the future.

So what does it mean to heal something? Well, it takes 1) awareness to know the opportunity is occurring, 2) courage to feel the feelings completely, 3) acceptance that you’ve had these experiences, 4) trust that they happened to help you come fully into a place of peace 5) so that you could be of highest service to your fellow man and woman.

For those of you reading this and thinking, “But I meditate and practice mindfulness…”. Yes you do! Why? You meditate to access the subconscious actually, not the super consciousness. The super consciousness brings your subconscious hurts, angers, rejections, fears and desires to the surface for you to have a good look at them. You’re welcome! Ha ha!

But do understand, most don’t even have that grace yet. This also requires an acceptance that you are closer than you think to the promised land. Just keep trusting your Teachers (inner and outer). Yes, we gave “Teacher” a capital “T” for many reasons. Your inner guidance is like another version of the outer dream you are living. It is a “person” guiding and directing your outer experience on some levels, when you allow that.

Now, on the subject of healing, when you can see the truth of why “this” (whatever it is) is happening in a particular moment, the next thing you want to look for is the motivation for your next or last action or reaction. If you have just reacted some way to the “aggravation”, why have you really done so now that you have seen the pattern of this “hurt” occurring in your life? If you are about to react, same question. When you have that answer, you have found the piece that needs healing. Time to thank the antagonist! For they have just helped to make you whole once more.

The key in all of this is remembering that there is always (all ways) a diamond amidst the craziness. Your choice and willingness to go into the “pressure” of the stimulus can show you the gem sooner than later. For nothing has come to hurt you, and EVERYTHING has come FOR your enlightenment.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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