THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/30/15


The Universal Law of Reflections states that everyone in your experience, and every experience you have, is your mirror. How the individuals and the situations make you feel represents something inside of you that your inner projector is creating a movie for in the outside world. You call this “reality” because it is real to you. But it truly is no more real than it is reel.

When you can begin to understand the movie for what it is, a messenger showing you how to change the man in the mirror, you begin to understand the miracle of the mirror. What this ultimately means is that there is nothing AT ALL happening on the outside of you that is NOT a reflection of beliefs, situations, or conflict inside of you. As you get further and further in touch with those aspects of you on the inside, as a result of outer conflict, more and more truth will continually be shown to you.

Getting in touch with the deepest parts of who you really are is like polishing out the grooves in a record until you have a smooth surface. Then, onto the next groove. Ha ha! Yes, it is the game of peeling onions. You are peeling back layers. For example, even if the words “Ha ha!” brought up issues for you (key word being “for”), that would be a good place to look inside. Did you believe in that moment that we were laughing at you while delivering Cosmic Truth? While it is truly a game, we are NOT laughing at you. “Ha ha!” is a Tibetan blessing. Roughly translated, it means, “The space of great compassion that the Guru(s) hold for you while you are being a spiritual journeyman.” It is a gracious and subtle lightning bolt of courage that scares away untruth so that the spiritual aspirant can find their truest self. It is intended to disrupt thought patterns and bring you back into your heart. So that gives “Ha ha!” quite another meaning now does it not? [Gentle Smile]

You, all of you and every single ONE of you, are it, the whole show. You have just forgotten it. Therefore, you are not whole without each other, even if just seeing where your friends and loved ones are messengers for you to heal your old patterns. Do not forget, also, that sometimes mirrors show up to show you not only how far you have come since that particular thing was last triggered, but sometimes also to show you that you are no longer triggered by it at all. When this happens, ONLY compassion will rise in you for the messenger. For, then, they would be showing you only “THEIR” issue, which you may have a piece of enlightenment for them about. That will not mean you will need to speak, but rather be humble. For your light shines brightest when it consumes its own oxygen. In those moments, often times being the example of the fire is what “THEY” came for. You will know when to speak, if at all, when those incredible teaching moments arise.

Until then, begin to see the world as your teacher. There is nothing it cannot teach you if you are open to learning. For ignorance is bliss, until it is not. When you realize that ignorance was an excuse that prevented you from taking full accountability, there the spiritual path will have shown itself to you. There, your greatest opportunity lies. There, the miracle of the mirror comes into full view for you to FINALLY see ALL that you are. There, there is SO MUCH to be grateful for.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach