THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/25/13


Whatever it is that you focus your attention on – it will find you. That is the law of attraction, is it not? So, it becomes required, then, to focus on positive thoughts, right?

Don’t get this confused, however, with what occurs when your awareness rises as you begin to open once again to higher truths about the way it ALL works. Every time you go through these initiations of sorts, where your spiritual understanding expands, mis-qualified energies rise to the surface for you to witness them before you can let go of them. Let us say this another way.

When you achieve different levels of growth upon your journey, your human mind may expect congratulatory roses. But, instead, right after the mind realizes the growth on some level, immediately following is a release of the old energies. In order to release those energies, they must rise out of the subconscious into to the forefront of your consciousness. Why? Because, in order for you to know your growth, you must also consciously realize the releasing of subconscious fears and controls that were running your programs, until you realized they no longer served.

Consciously, you may have realized something like “ALL IS ALWAYS PERFECT IN ALL WAYS”. However, in order for you to take that new program in, you must create space for it to integrate fully into your person. To do so, all the old stories around why people or beings suffer, etc, must eventually release since the newer story serves you better. Watching those energies rise is a gift, if only you would choose to see it that way.

Instead, often when those fears, etc arise for releasing, you wind up beating yourselves up, judging why you are not better beings, ones capable of being more loving, etc. In fact, though, you are doing exactly that… the fact that you love yourself enough would be the very reason why you were finally able to take in the new story around all being perfect in all ways. If you didn’t love yourself enough, you would continue to operate only under fear and control thinking that suffering is a curse, rather than a blessing.

Then, as a result of your courage to release old programs, and when you least expect it, grace arrives at your door once more. It delivers a message like this one to remind you that the Universe always has your best interest at heart and that Divine Timing plays such an integral role in showing you how IT WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU where you are to deliver you to your destiny.

Look no further than your own growth… you are not the same person you were just a short time ago… thank God!

With so much love in my heart for you,



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