THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/24/14


Beyond the door
The eyes to the soul,
Lies the truth of truths
So dig one hole

Dig down deep,
Until water you strike
The essence of you
Then steps up to the mic

What is it you say
To the minstrels at play
But, “Where art my truth
Amongst the things that you say?”

For within the human ego
Lies pure essence of truth
So fight the good fight
Through minstrel behavior aloof

See through the Game
To the Divinity you fancy
For the gift of your life
It is you that is dancing

So stop the dance now
For only a moment and see
It is I within you
And you within me

For we are all one
In the chamber you cherish
Your heart holds the truth
That none ever perish

So step in there with me
Now as you breathe
It is where I see you
So can you now see me?

With so much love my heart for you,



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