THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/23/15


It is in recognizing your differences that you see all people as your teachers. For if you cannot see the opportunity for growth reflected to you in another, then you have missed the messenger.

Messengers show up in all shapes and sizes: parents, siblings, friends, “friends”, co-workers, teachers – and the list goes on and on. Often times, you feel triggered by another due to past hurts and traumas. You take personally what another says to or about you, when in fact what they say and do says more about them and their experiences. But when you begin to see these patterns about you and them, you have begun a path of deepening your understanding about you and your life, you and your spirit. You have begun a path of compassion – for you, for them.

By tracking back your reactions to the trigger that set them off in the first place, you are welcoming in a liberation that no explanation in words could do justice to. It is an experience you must have in order to become enlightened by it. But it is also an experience you must be willing to have so that it may come to you, or show itself to you in the proper moment(s).

If nothing else, remember this… EVERY aggravation, frustration, anger, reaction comes with a message… from a messenger. If you can respect and love that individual, and learn to say thank you, you are learning to respect all life. You are learning to have gratitude for the experience. After all, that is what you came here for – to have experiences that teach you how to feel – experiences that teach you how to master your emotions. For once you have done so, game over AND then you can consciously create the game YOU want to play.

Until such a time, practice your gratitude for all that life throws at you and the people that wander into yours. When you can respect that each of you has had a series of hurts, hardships, and discontentments that brought you together, while also realizing that some of you were graced with more tools to cope than others, your compassion will begin to rise higher than your anger and frustration. And when this begins to happen, you can rest assured knowing that liberation is not far from where you are. That is because from this space an inner peace will begin to arise and a deepening of appreciation for all life. From there, an outer peace is sure to follow.

So, do the work the best way you know how. Don’t shoot the messengers. Instead appreciate how many lives they’ve chased you through to get you over this pattern of yours, and a new found respect and appreciation will move you. Yes, they love you that much… and so do we.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach