THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/12/15


The New Year is here. It is a year of planned playfulness, abundance and joy like you have never experienced! This type of happiness becomes more and more available to you as you step further into the 5D expanded consciousness of LOVE. To do this more and more easily, it is important to have a look at your motivations fairly regularly. They will show you where you are, where you’re headed, where you want to be, and how to shift where you are to where you want to be.

Hurt feelings is a perfect example of this. Hurt occurs within the human experience when human expectations are not met. Expectations come from a desired outcome. A desired outcome generally comes from some unmet need.

It’s probably time to take a look at those unmet needs more intimately. Why? Because you can meet them all. What this means is that you have the ability to have a happy childhood, or finally move past whatever tragedy you’ve experienced, and finally find the happiness you’ve been seeking right now. Do you need to read that again? Are you wondering how you could possibly enjoy a happy childhood 30 or 50 years after you’ve experienced an unhappy one? Sit with that for a moment…

You see, an experience is just that… an experience. What you label or tag it becomes your memory of the experience. When you start to apply the teaching that everything happens FOR you and not TO you, you can re-create the tag or label you gave to a past experience. Then, through meditative self-hypnosis, you can take yourself back to the experience, re-have it, tell yourself that this situation is going to help shape the beautiful being of light and service you “will” become in 30 or 50 years, and ENJOY the experience on some new level no matter how tragic you may have tagged that scenario.

For example, if your family experienced some tragic event such as murder of a loved one, you could actually reframe the experience completely in LOVE. Does that take away the suffering of others? No, not necessarily. But it can take away yours, and thereby positively affect and shape the lives of others who were affected by this.

If that experience happened in your reality, you can KNOW for certain that it has happened for you, for your enlightenment. So, if you choose for a moment to work on just you and your relationship to this experience, you can begin to see that this experience shaped who you are today, possibly giving you a type of compassion for others and their losses that many may never experience in this lifetime; and, you see, THAT is a major tool that a lightworker requires to bring love forth, rather than fear.

Just think, if you reframe that experience, sit with it, and re-experience it in a different light, you will have taken yourself into self-hypnosis. If you then choose to see it differently, it will show up differently in your auric field. Then, everyone who comes in contact with you will have a different experience of you. If they were part of the clan affected by the same tragedy, they too will now have a different experience of it, although unconsciously.

So how does this come back to hurt feelings and anger? Ha ha! Well, you just learned how to re-experience something, right? This means that the next time you experience hurt feelings in any relationship with someone, you can have a look at the way you are labeling the situation, and see what your motivation is behind wanting to NOT feel that way (i.e. the hurt), which will lead to that unmet desire. Then, ask yourself why you need that desire met. This alone will deflate about 80% of the weed.

Now, if you want to uproot the whole thing so as to move past this becoming a trigger in the future, sit quietly a little longer. Relive the experience once more. Know that this is happening for you. Look for the silver lining while saying thank you to the other person or thing that brought forth the experience with you. When you hit the spot that triggers you, smile for you are very close. Now, ask it what it needs or what you need to make this feeling go away. Is it safety, nurturing, feeling heard, feeling appreciated, feeling loved? Ok, now finish re-living the experience while knowing you have just provided a safe space for yourself, which required self-nurturing, hearing yourself, appreciating yourself, and loving yourself.

And here’s the kicker… tell yourself you do not require another person, place or thing to make you feel safe, or to nurture, hear, appreciate, or love you.

As you continue this meditative practice, it becomes easier and easier not to have pre-conceived notions of how things SHOULD be. Instead, you begin to go with the flow, and find joy in whatever shows up, thereby taking the middle path, living more in 5D love for all, and knowing that happiness is a state of mind that resides within you based on the labels you give to your experiences. This allows you to find a happiness that many don’t yet know exists. Then you can bring it to them in your aura whether they ever know it or not, but they WILL feel different, and so will you.

This is the path to liberation. This is the year to experience it in so many ways. Continue looking within and watch everything shift without.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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