THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/2/15


Abundance and “being in the flow” requires you to allow that to happen. But fear blocks flow. Trust embraces it. So how, then, do you remain in trust when fear does such a good job of sneaking in, you ask? It’s simple really, but like anything it requires commitment to make a change.

If you are committed, here is the key. To swap fear for flow, you must remain steadfast in your desire to catch the negative thoughts of fear and lack when they occur. But when you do, it’s not about beating yourself up at all. Absolutely not. Now, at a time when Cosmic support for human self-mastery is reaching new heights as the veils thin to show you your true selves, there is a league of beings behind your endeavors. Sit with this for a moment. Envision what this means. It means that the ascended ones (masters) who have come before you, the Archangels, leagues of their angels, the Hathors (and other Cosmic beings not yet named on your plane) are supporting your vibrational shifts.

You have each been assigned a team of Cosmically enlightened beings to personally assist your higher self. Like guides and guardian angels, your personal team is calling out to you now like never before. This knowledge should bring with it a feeling of instant peace whenever you connect into them. You need not know them by their names and faces but, if you were to ask, they would accommodate to the degree that your heart remains open to their responses.  Try it now. Call them in. How? Just by closing your eyes for a moment and taking a breath. Let everything else you believe exists from this world to fall away for a moment. No one needs or wants anything from you right now. You are giving only to you. Now begin to connect to your heart center. Call them gently by the name that feels most expansive to you… “Team”, “Loved Ones”, “League of Support”, “My Personal Cheering Section”… whatever feels right. Call them close to you. Ask them to allow you to feel them making their presence known. Feel them now.

Isn’t that something? It really is that simple. And, oddly (or not), if you were able to connect to them in ANY way, you have just ALSO done away with the fear and have come into a state of flow. Becoming still amidst the happenings of your world makes this possible. You can also become still “in action” whenever you are connecting to your heart. Remain there and let it guide you. When fear or negative thought patterns arise, relax. Simply reign them in and know they are not the truth of you. Love is the truth of you and it is what has you here. Anything else simply isn’t the highest truth.

You see, even just taking the time to read something like this helps to ease the mind and carry you into the heart. This is the truth of flow. This is where allowance meets the realization of dreams. This is where dreams and reality are not separate. So be in flow, and KNOW you have our support.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach