THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/17/14


If you’re going to be in the mind, at least you can be in the higher mind. This should point, or lead, you back to your heart. Often times, you get caught in an emotion and believe it is you. It is not. Not even in the moment of the arising feeling.

You are not your thoughts. But you most probably often believe you are. This causes suffering. Knowing, however, that you are not your thoughts, and that you can achieve a heart-centered day in any moment by the value of your next choice, is a valuable tool.

You see, in any moment, you can choose to decide to stop existing in your head. You can come into your heart in an instant, but you need to allow the happening. Even when you think someone, something, or some event happening is unfair, you can choose to see the blessing of it all by simply choosing differently. In fact, right now, just try taking a deep breath as you read this. Notice, the difference in the way your body feels. Notice how powerful just that small, new choice feels within you. Amazing right?

You are amazing! You are almost unbelievable, actually. If you had any idea the amount of cosmic power that went into the instant of your creation, let alone that goes into every breath you take, and every one you don’t, the thought itself would blow your entire circuitry, and possibly your entire planet. That is why that energy is “contained” within your being. You have just forgotten the truth, as part of the plan, so that you could remember to remember to forget all over again. Why? Simply put, so you could grow and merge with higher consciousness. Why? Because at some point, you all must and do. Why? Because your only true aspiration, your only obligation, is to return HOME once more when it is all “over” again. Why? Because, on a plane you cannot currently comprehend, you chose it to be this way.

Are you tired of the questions yet? Good. Go, now, into your heart. EVERY answer to EVERY question resides there. It is within the sacred chamber behind your physical heart, actually, that you go when you “go” to that peaceful place upon your breath. In that cavern, in the deep expanse, is the truth of your existence, and the truth to the existence of everything else. Within each of you exists the truth of it all. You have just simply forgotten to go there as often as you can remember to do so. So you have chosen avenues like this to bring you back.

Well, we are glad to be of service. ;0)

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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