THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/16/15


So much has been said and asked about how to be a heart-centered being bringing light and love unconditionally to the world (5D/fifth dimensional living) while also being in the “real” world that uses money, greed, power, materialism, religion, the media and employment to control (3D).  To these questions, we say to you, “It’s all about energy.” So long as you can remember who you are and that you are merely playing a role as an ends to a means, the rest of the illusion fades away, returning you once more to the HEART of the matter. But the key is remaining you and who you are no matter the arising circumstance(s).

When so much of your time is spent on being something or someone you are not, it drains you. Does it not? In this transitional period as the Earth’s inhabitants finally begin the transit out of greed and fear and into the Universal heart chakra, general fear will increase first as change occurs. However, with that general rise in fear comes an openness to things perhaps not tried, or given enough time, in the past. That is where the lightworking community comes into play ONCE you truly begin to KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

In this world we are describing here, you are constantly being asked to adapt and change to the environments you find yourselves in, correct? Well, with the ascension energies of shift and polarity change ever-present on the Earth plane, you are now being asked to make sure you understand what it means to be resolutely you AS you adapt.

To be resolutely you means to not lose yourself in others’ fears and dramas. It means to understand that you were placed, or placed yourself, EXACTLY where you are to be the light amidst the shift. Therefore, to be of greatest service and be the light, you must remain steadfast now in your understandings of how it all works. You must remember everything you have learned to this point. For example, remember that negative flows to the positive. Remember that like the fire that you are, people are like moths to a flame. They will flock to you, and test you, for the truths and love that you carry. It is ok. You signed up for it and, for this, you have been prepared for a very, very long time.

But it is not all hard work, nor should you be looking at it this way. Recent astrological shifts have opened doorways, portals and time warps (wormholes) allowing you to move through these shifts at lightning speeds. Doing so means you must let go of all the baggage you have carried to travel lightly through these spiritual growth generators. To do that requires looking at your baggage for the LAST time. It means being love despite the thoughts and old feelings that arise. It means being willing to face whatever comes up because you have been here enough times to know that, “This, too, shall pass.”

To remember everything you have learned means remembering that you are not the thoughts. You are not the feelings. You ARE love. To be love simply means to be… to exist and experience all this plane of existence has to offer to your soul for its growth. In that space of “being-ness”, even hardship, tragedy, and loss can be blissful for those keen of heart and aware of 5th dimensional (and beyond) energies ever-present for you.

Light-working in the real world means simply not buying into the idea that there is a “real” world and remembering/knowing that absolutely EVERYTHING has its place, its purpose, and its meaning. This is true even when those things mean different strokes for different folks. Accepting key differences in and amongst your race is at the VERY HEART of the potential for peace within your race. You might want to read that last sentence one more time.

The fact is, CHANGE IS HERE FOR GOOD. To remain heart-centered requires an allowing for all that shifts while understanding THAT there is need for it, but not necessarily WHY. Surrender is key now. For as the “real” world fades before your eyes, there is going to be an unprecedented need for the service of the lightworkers who hold, and have been holding, the space for potential. Therefore, knowing who you are is the key that unlocks the door others will walk through to receive the truth of what you hold. In that space, the masses will change by your example. Be love, open your doors for service, and watch the miracles unfold for your offerings.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach