THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/11/13


Expecting the unexpected is such a gift. Why? Because it delivers you to you in ways you could have never thought of. Of course it does, that’s the point. But not having an expectation at all is an even higher space to come from. Why? And are you confused yet?

Ok, see if you have an expectation, but you are “expecting the unexpected”, than you are anticipating “something”… and generally “something” would need to occur or you will be left feeling disappointed, right? Well, if you chose to not have an expectation at all… truly a space of “whatever”, then you have not given your power away to something outside of you and you will have set yourself up for a non-judgmental experience from the get-go; one in which you will have a good time regardless of outcome, or even if there is no outcome. You see? No?

It’s all good. You see, confusion happens just before learning. So you must be thinking, “Then I must be about to learn an awful lot right now!” And, quite simply, the answer to that is “Yup.” Ha ha!!!!

So here’s an example of receiving an unexpected gift… you must think “we” laugh at you quite a bit with our “ha ha” statements. But in actuality, “ha ha” is a blessing that helps to move energy along when a student of the spiritual path “feels” stuck. Did you expect that? ;0)

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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