THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/10/14


You are not separate from the ONE, but your belief that you are will cause you great suffering.

Whoah, that seems big, doesn’t it? What it actually means is that when you fail to see the messengers in everything, you believe things are happening to you, not for you, and you continue down the path of suffering. When you think you are separate, you see your messengers (i.e. EVERY one else) as antagonists.

But picking up from last week’s message, if that one taught you nothing else, it should have at least gotten across the message that it’s time to start thanking the antagonists, right? For they are opportunities; opportunities to see where you are still triggered and why.

You see, the path of spirituality is the hardest of them all. It teaches you to unlearn what you have “learned” when you became socialized and head-ucated (stuffing educatedness into your heads). You learned that Billy or Bobby, or Susie, or Kathleen “hurt” you, or hurt your feelings by doing such and such. But what you weren’t taught was that thanking them and seeing that they were giving you chances to “come clean” with yourself about where your “hurts” are still stored within you were the opportunities to see how we are all one (ALL ONE, or AL-ONE, or ALONE). Ah hah! A hidden message about being “alone”… do you see it? Let us explain.

You see, first you believe you are separate, before you re-learn the truth. Then you come onto the spiritual path again to re-learn what you have forgotten. And because you think you are alienating yourself from your “loved” ones who you grew up with, etc, by beginning to “think and feel” differently, you begin to feel isolated.

The isolation, however, is not meant to harm you either for it, too, is a messenger. Isolation or the idea of “alone-ness” is a Teacher. It teaches that the highest truth is that you are it… you are the whole thing. You are the light, you are the dark, you are the good, you are the bad, you are the happy, you are the miserable. You’re it. And when you combine this truth with another truth, that every thing and every one is a reflection of some part of you, there for your enlightenment, you begin to remember that this was always about you. The whole experience, and its parts, is about you.

This does not mean that there are not other beings here experiencing their experiences as well. It means that your perceptions and projections of them are about you, and you alone. There’s that word again… alone.

Here’s the thing. When you begin to feel alone on the path, you are making GREAT progress. And, of course the truth is, you are never alone. However, the teaching of alone-ness is that you can be detached from everything and everyone in a healthy way in order to become centered within the SELF. This does not mean that you don’t love or care for loved ones. It is quite the opposite. You love them knowing where you are, and where they are, not attaching to outcomes or having expectations for the way things should look. You become peaceful within, in your aloneness (ALL-ONE-NESS). Then, instead of allowing others’ experiences to bother you and your field of experience, you instead begin to watch and have compassion for the GREAT PLAY at work. When you do begin to do this, you can accept the experience without drama. Whatever is playing out is happening for some higher purpose that you begin to see from a higher purview. You have beaten the game on that level, and now… onto the next… until there are no more levels… there is just you – the creator, your creator, and you create the end of the game – because you can.

For you see, in the separateness, you suffer. But in true alone-ness, you see the whole GAME playing out FOR you so that you can re-merge with the ALL-ONE-NESS of everything.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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