THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/7/13


So many times you are inclined to try to “fix” things, or pick up the apples from the tipped cart. Why? What are your motivations? Are you trying to make everyone else happy? And are you doing so at your own expense? Have you ever tried looking at EVERYTHING as PERFECT JUST AS IT IS?

The highest truth is that ALL IS ALWAYS WELL IN ALL WAYS.

Everyone is having the experience they need to have. No one is having an experience they weren’t meant to have.  Even further still, no one is having an experience that they didn’t “sign up for”.  Nothing is happening to you, or to them, but rather experiences are happening FOR YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT, and for theirs.

Let us be clear here… every experience that is occurring in your life, and in theirs, is happening to enlighten each of you, to help all to grow, to bring all of you further along in your spiritual evolution, to bring you all closer to HOME, and to the wonder of it ALL.

The next time something occurs that feels less than perfect, turn on your higher perspective. See the experience AS IT IS, not as your negative ego is telling you how this one is hurting, sad, etc. Rather, allow your GOD-vision to see everything as absolutely and supremely perfect; that, without this experience for all involved, no one could grow quite the way they are.  Even tragedies are meant for this purpose… to show higher truths, to expand faith, and to grow your trust once more.

Start, now, to see all as perfect.  Let the apples lie.  In fact, let it all be… and watch as perfection paints its perfect picture on the canvas in front of you that you call life.  If you do, you can be assured that you will begin to look through God’s eyes, and this will bring a peace and calm that perhaps you have never known.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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