THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/6/14


This takes courage. To be fully who you are, without concern of others’ opinions, perspectives, and the like. It does, it takes courage… until it doesn’t. You see, to be and experience fully who you are is why you came here. It is your mission. It is the same as returning home. For you would return home within your being, and experience the bliss of the heavens, if you would only allow the heavens of who you are to exist inside your being without all the NOISE.

But, then again, to diminish the noise is to have learned the ultimate truth… that you were made as you are for you to fully accept, love, and experience it. Why? To give God a unique perspective from another perfected aspect of Him.

You see, as we each achieve enlightenments throughout our lifetimes, we give God completions of certain levels of “Light In Man” (i.e. enlightenment). And within each of those levels are sub-levels. So if you see each lifetime as a continuation of the game of levels, then death truly becomes an illusion.

Therefore, “being who you are” becomes a game if you are willing to attempt perfecting it. In other words, you came here to FULLY EXPERIENCE WHO YOU ARE. Might as well just do it. Play the game and win it. Games are meant to be fun, and the REALLY good ones are meant for you to find the shortcuts, the leverage, the right angles. So what is your angle? This does not mean an angle that would allow you to circumvent the experiences or the process, or to advance in spite of your fellow man. No, this is a game of angles where you see yourself winning while your fellow man does the same.

It is a game unlike any other, this game of “BE WHO YOU ARE”. In doing so, you give permission for everyone else to do just the same and no more, and no less. Do you see it? Do you see the OMNISCIENT ANGLE yet? The one where everyone wins. Trust us, you did just get a glimpse even if you have already forgotten. Worry not, though, for you are closer than you have ever been.

Start now, in this moment, to allow others’ judgments and misgivings to fall away and you live your dreams now. And DREAM BIG, for quantum physicists are just about figuring out that nothing’s been figured out. Ha ha! And it was set up this way. So that the larger your cosmic perception of possible grew, the larger the expanse of possibility for you grew.

So, aim for the stars… or beyond… however big you believe “who you are” is. There is so much more waiting out there for you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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