THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/28/13


You need to allow yourself to be pampered every once in a while.  And, when you do, you may find yourself worrying about things and not fully able to receive the gift of the pampering.  If that has happened, fear not.  For that, too, is a gift… the recognizing, that is, that you had an opportunity to let go and you couldn’t completely receive that gift. It shows you two things: 1) how far you’ve come to have even allowed yourself to receive in the first place, and 2) possibly where the work is that you have left to do.

“Wearing Diapers” becomes as much about being on training wheels at the infancy stage of your evolution, as it is about urinating on yourself in a padded piece of cloth and not caring a wink. You see, we are always on training wheels or in diapers on some level.  The Universe never lets us be alone no matter the level of spirituality you have achieved in this life.

It is comforting, is it not?  To know that you are never alone?  How could you be when you have actually created it all… you, your experience of you, them, your experiences of them, that there even is a them, etc.  You have created it all, you have just forgotten.  You are learning to remember, which can feel arduous.  That’s when it’s time to let your hair down (those of you who still have it – ha ha), and RELAX… CHILL-AX (as some of you say). Ease yourself into a comfy position and for even just a few moments, know that no one wants anything of you, no one needs anything from you… it is just you with you… the way it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be… if only you would remember to connect in to that place more often.

So do yourself a favor, do all lightworkers and non-lightworkers alike a favor… treat yourself to something you need right now.  For giving to yourself is giving to the world; even if, while you’re there, you’re worrying about all you still have to do, at least you gave yourself space enough to acknowledge that you need a break.  That, alone, is enough to create the space needed so that next time you may allow yourself to be completely at peace.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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