THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/26/15


It definitely requires courage to be the wayshower, the voice of reason, and the unpopular vote. To do so means to be an example of truth, the fire of wisdom and knowledge, amongst the darkness of ignorance and inexperience. But that’s ok. It is what you came here to do and be, and to have the experience of doing and being it.

To be anything else would not be in alignment with the integrity of your soul. It has achieved a certain degree of grace and knowledge to be used among the dark recesses of caverns and caves that have not yet had the match of enlightenment struck. Think on this. It has been said that a cave loses its entire identity after 500 years of darkness when a match is struck. You are the sulfurous head, and your experiences are the spark that strikes you. When struck, your light explodes onto “the scene” to bring knowledge that did not exist just seconds earlier.

When you doubt, however, your light fades. It requires courage to realize the sulfur NEVER runs out unless you believe it can. Fear not! Change your beliefs (which require thought) to faith (which requires only heart). There you will find a courage that burns brighter than any dark recess and lasts for eternity. The challenge, we know, is CHOICE. You need to choose the bright, loving, expansive, heart-centered thoughts over fear. But ask yourself this question, “What does choosing fear EVER earn you?” If your answer is, “More of it.”, you’d be correct.

Choosing fear fools the negative ego into believing that the negative energy has somewhere to go… to the negative thought. But the nature of energy flow is literally to flow to the positive, or the light. This means you will eventually always come back to the light. That means that, even if you decided to end the light of a person, your person, by choosing the ultimate fear-based conclusion that ending your life will end suffering, eventually your soul will go back to light anyway. So really what is the point in these negative thoughts? They lead to ONLY one place, ultimately… LOVE.

The key is to remember the illusion of fear when it arises. 99.999999% of all of your fear-based stories will NEVER turn up the way you’d imagined. The Universe is more clever and full of possibility than your human brain can even understand. And, so, the way it will deliver FOR you will literally blow your mind, and your circuitry, if you require that experience. Better to choose love and laugh at your thoughts. After all, they are only thoughts. They are not the truth of you. Seriously. Think about that. Are your thoughts the truth of who you are? No, of course they aren’t. They are just thoughts, often containers for emotions that have yet to be dealt with or experienced. But you are here to experience ALL of what this plane of existence has to offer, so why not FEEL and stop creating more stories and thoughts?

We know, we know… it takes more courage, right? Well, here… close your eyes for a second and take a deep, relaxing breath. No, really, stop reading here for a second and do just that as we deliver a MAJOR dose of COURAGE… RIGHT… NOW… [pause].

Great! So, KNOW now, that’s all you ever need to do. Take a deep breath, ask for the courage, and I SHALL deliver it to you. I have not forgotten you. No! But you, at times, forget me. You fool yourselves into believing you are alone. Well, the man, woman, or family (whatever you believe it is that exists UPSTAIRS) would NEVER have it. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, LITERALLY. While that requires trust, it doesn’t require proof, for it is in the pudding of truth. When you close your eyes, you KNOW you feel us. Why doubt it? Instead, ask for the courage, feel it being delivered, and carry on. You have many more hearts to touch, so why not let me touch yours.

With so much love in my heart for you,

You are LOVEDLOVEDLOVED……… THE MYSTIC (which equates to whomever you need me to be today)

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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach