THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/23/16


You are the creator of your world. Did you know that? Do you already know it, but as an analytical teaching, and not necessarily as a fully integrated part of your experience or being? Well, truth be told, you ARE the creator. The Universe exists inside of you and so does everything you ever thought you wanted. Based on your valuing systems, of self and others, you then project that Universe with its “creations” based on your beliefs into the “real” world “in front” of you.

Too much to ingest? No? Good!

So here’s what’s next. You manifest (create) in the Earth world from the throat chakra, which needs clearing before you can manifest exactly what you want with ease. God said, “Let there be light.” Then, there was. God consciousness did this from the Cosmic collective throat chakra, which is ruled in the Universe by the planet Uranus.

Begin thinking how everything out there is really an aspect of you and watch your world suddenly change. Yes, even the planets. The truth is, nothing is too big for you and the ability to show you how powerful you are.

“Stepping up to the mic” here is about taking ownership of the creations in your world, stating and FULLY understanding that you manifest everything you experience, and then telling the Universe what you really want and need.

So, this leaves us with two questions for you: 1) how willing are you to take responsibility for everything you are experiencing? and 2) how powerful are you ready, then, to show yourself you are?

Your capabilities are truly limitless, you just need to come out of your heads, which is PRECISELY what this message was designed to get you to do. Stop holding onto limiting paradigms, and begin to shift into limitlessness, or quantum. That will bring you directly into the heart, which is ruled by Venus and Venus is connected to everything possible.

If you are confused, wonderful. If you get any of this, wonderful. Bottom line, if it at least makes you smile, then you have entered the heart. The heart controls EVERYTHING that goes into your aura. Whatever the heart believes causes a physical and equivalent vibration/frequency/resonance for that belief. That vibration gets placed into your aura (physical magnetic field around the body). From there, the aura attracts to it like a magnet everything “out there” that resonates at that frequency (or vibration). So if you believe in “lack”, you will attract more of it to you. If you believe in abundance, well you get the point.

So how do you want to step to the mic and begin talking with the Universe from the heart to create your next experience? How about you stop the madness, create the love frequency, and watch what comes? We guarantee you’ll want to keep doing it. It’s addictive. But better yet, it’s contagious. Tell all your friends and loved ones, and tell ’em the Universe sent ya!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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