THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/21/13


Magic is everywhere. On the heals of last week’s message, we are again reinforcing the idea that only your belief systems limit your ability to truly SEE. Waning, or semi-dedicated “believers” sometimes have trouble holding space for the truth that all the magic and mysticism is real.

Ask yourself this question… “Where would my human psyche wind up if I was to actually see a leprechaun, fairy, etc if I wasn’t yet committed FULLY to the idea that they exist?”

You see, there is always a higher perspective being had and played out in ALL WAYS. It is not in your best interest to know everything. In fact, it is in your best interest specifically NOT to know everything. If you knew everything about your path, and the unfoldment of it, what would be the point of living it?

You see, you come here, to Earth, to learn and grow spiritually. You know the saying, “you are a spiritual being having a human experience.” So true! True on the highest of levels – levels your human brain cannot fathom, so stop trying. It is in the trying that you are dying. Do not try to accomplish anything… just do it… like the commercials! Ha ha!

But truly, spend your Energy more wisely these days. There is an energy here to support it unlike ever before. If you believe anything these days, especially if you are still reading columns like this one, you must be believing that the world has changed. Instead of merely reaching out to psychiatrists and therapists, people you know are now reaching out for things like Reiki, Rising Star, Coaching, Nutritionists, etc. They are reaching deeper within themselves for something more, something different. We have said in the past, your friends would begin reaching out to you… for guidance, love and support. Has that begun happening? Has it not? Think about it – we bet it has!

The truth is, as you shift, so does the world around you. And you have certainly shifted. Your patience is now beginning to pay off. Don’t buy into the dramatics of the astrological shifts. These crucial and never before seen changes are occurring in Divine Timing to support your efforts and your processes… if only you would choose to see them that way.

Open up your eyes (all of them) a little wider now, and you will begin to see the unseen… that is your job. To trust by seeing the unseen, and ALL WILL BE REVEALED TO YOU.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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