THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/19/15


Inner stillness, peace and calm is not only available to the yogi through a meditative cave existence.  Though the yogi, or Buddhist monk, can achieve pure samadhi (complete Union) through the conscious act of meditation, union can be achieved on multiple levels of consciousness and through multiple mind personas. Ultimately, though, inner peace and stillness comes with knowing who you are and being unwavering and non-negotiable about being who you are, one hundred percent.

What this means is that even the Wall Street tycoon can achieve a level of peace simply by knowing who they are. Your mind may now be asking, “But does service work to and for humanity enter the equation?”  Yes, it absolutely does.  However, the Wall Street tycoon has a better chance of achieving samadhi knowing his service is to bring wealth and happiness to families than the Buddhist attached to achieving samadhi for the simple purpose of doing so.

To this end, understanding who you are and what your motivations are is key to inner peace. You see, in the example above, if the Buddhist monk or the elite businessman is attached to their service work, this could actually cause great suffering for all involved. But for those who know who they are and are SIMPLY PLEASED BEING who they are, there is no need for attachment, but only an inner understanding that they are to wake up and serve the planet in the unique way, or ways, that Source has them here to accomplish.

To the inquiring mind wondering which way they are to serve when there are so many options, we say to you breathe a deep breath.  You were given many paths within the path because you are skillful in many ways. Own ALL of who you are, and all methods that make you who you are, and find peace that you have many pieces to help you achieve your great puzzle, and that each piece leads to another piece. Do not get trapped believing there is ONLY one way. No. There is only one Source from where all your gifts come. So if you are a hairdresser who gives heart opening readings during the week, and who prefers to DJ on the weekends, GO FOR IT! Each piece is part of your inner peace.

Do not get caught up, either, in wondering if you are focusing too much time on one that makes you money and not on others. Whatever you are doing in the moment, wherever your heart leads you, do that thing one hundred percent. Give it your all, watch the fruits fall from the tree. That particular tree called you because its fruits are ripe AT THIS TIME. Tomorrow, another tree may come calling. Knowing who you are at all times, rest assured that you are being led to the greatest victory for all EACH time you are led. Knowing who you are, know that you cannot be misled.

When you know who you are, there is a stillness even, and especially, in action. You could be giving a motivational speech to thousands live, with millions watching on television, and you will have struck the Source of Stillness if you truly know who you are. And knowing who you are simply means accepting ALL parts of you as what makes you… well… you.  Without those parts, even the less desirable ones, you would be something and someone else altogether. If you want to change a less desirable aspect of you, FIRST you must accept that it is part of what got you HERE NOW. Thank it. Appreciate it, and find peace with it, and you will have mastered that piece. In doing so, you will have absorbed it into the I AM as you are initiated into a higher vibrational version of you.

At NO time now should you doubt yourself. Doubt is 3D consciousness. You are in 5D. If you are unsure of that, then a part of you is in resistance. Check in with that part, or those parts, by taking a full conscious breath. Notice if there is resistance to that breath anywhere inside your being. If so, breathe more deeply into that aspect of you and send it love. Thank it for showing you that something was out of alignment with the rest of you. Do not make stories, only peace. Do not create labels, only LOVE.

There you will find the Source of Stillness. There you will find peace. There you will find YOU.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach