THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/17/16


Joy wards off dis-ease. Did you know this? Your best protection to illness is joy – not just having it, but enjoying it.

You might notice joy in your life in moments. But to stop and smell the joy is different. To experience it is equivalent to opening the heart without open heart surgery, often required after MUCH undue stress to your temple, otherwise known as the body.

To experience joy, one must only commit themselves to living within it when they notice it. Now, if you have a problem even noticing it, perhaps a different message can address that. But let’s just say you would want to start with your breath. If you have a problem even seeing joy, begin to notice your breath more often. Appreciate the rhythm of your in and out breaths, the expansion of your lungs. Then, remember that something ELSE controls your breath, for even if you were to choose to “hold” your breath, this is only temporary and you would begin to breathe again automatically after losing consciousness. So what has you here, if not you? Your parents? And what has them here? Now you are maybe beginning to get the point. SOMETHING ELSE has you here. Why? To experience joy.

So where were we? Oh, yes, how to experience joy. Ok, so when you see joy (for example, your child smiling back at you), instead of another game, or another text, or that last email on handheld technology BEFORE you acknowledge that child (outer and inner), embrace that kid! If you do not have children, I think you understand the message, correct? It is simple. BE IN THE MOMENT…NOW. Ha ha! See, there you go… now you are getting it.

Experiencing joy is your best protection against every type of negative energy (or entity) you can think of… other people, toxic situations or environments, bad news, you name it. Joy, in and of itself, is a vibration that holds happiness within it. And though experiencing it is self-sustaining in many ways, you still need to choose it. Then, the vibration of the core of your being (also known as the Sacred Heart) begins to attune to, vibrate, and resonate AT “joy” – the literal measurable frequency of your magnetic resonance from the aura when you experience joy.

Joy alters consciousness and helps one to forget the negative experience of “the story” that happened TO you, so you can begin to appreciate its message FOR you. Lest we forget to relay it in this way, joy is simply what you are here to experience. And, eventually, perhaps you can get yourself to the place of even appreciating that feeling sadness CAN be joyful when you remember that being in a body and feeling your full spectrum of emotions IS the VERY reason you opted to come here and experience life as a human.

So, where do you find joy? Wherever you decide to see it and experience it in the next NOW moment. Enjoy it. It might just save your life, and that of those who love you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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