THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/14/13


Alice in Wonderland, Magic, Leprechauns, Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons, Gnomes, Giants, you name it… IT IS ALL REAL. Wherever you focus your attention, and your intention (i.e. going inward), to manifest (create) the picture on the canvas of your life, is where the Energy of your reality will be.  I know… it’s a lot. Go back and read that again.  What it basically is saying is that, when you use your heart to create the life you want, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

The way of the gurus, the mystics, etc… the ones who have come to planet Earth with what appears to be some Divine Guidance, or Wisdom, have come specifically to awaken the Energy of possibility in others.  They teach, not from the head, but from the heart… no matter how it APPEARS on the outside.  They use many forms, and many different methods of delivery, dependent on the students that arrive, to deliver the messages of truth and love from above.

To understand the grace it is to even meet a being of this magnitude is to SEE GOD INCARNATE.  And to hear of one of these beings names, or to see a picture of them, or even to meet one of them in person is something you have worked lifetimes to earn.  No worries if you haven’t had an experience with one of them yet because, while you don’t realize it, when you are reading these words, you are connecting consciously into their energies, which is exactly the same thing as seeing the picture, hearing the name, etc.  They teach that we are all ONE, connected in the heart… let these words touch your heart this instant!  For you will then know from where your realities should truly come from.

Being of, and in, the heart is a grace.  Being human is a grace.  Feeling feelings, having tough days, aches and pains, etc. is a grace.  But being in direct contact with heart Energy allows you to create ANY reality you choose… any.  This includes one where you see the fairy dust, feel its magic, and reach the pot of GOLD at the end of your initiated tunnel.

Come now, through the maya, and into your heart, where just EVERYTHING is possible.  It is there that you will live in humble understanding of what it is to breathe, which maybe you have been missing part or all of all along.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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