THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/12/15


So often, thoughts leave you no space to feel the truth that you are not thought, though you were manifested by thought. The space between thoughts, known as consciousness, brought you here upon the breath… the breath of the Cosmos and the interconnectedness of everything desired that you come here as an expression of it all… a unique Cosmic Creation that gets to experience itself as you, and forgets that you are YOU until an awakened moment brings you to remembering the journey HOME.

The remembrance comes to the wayseeker as wayshowers show up with torches and signs that light the path amidst even the darkest hour, and guide you to the next checkpoint.

It is a deep inner knowing that this is the truth that delivers even the most destitute truth seeker to the supreme knowledge of everything once more. It is the patience that is required in the seeker, and a willingness to be completely naked and surrendered to a will stronger than your own, which is ultimately returning you to YOU.

When you let go and remember the BIG picture, of which you are a part, THAT is when you recognize that part of everything is you, and of everything you are a part… ONE without separation from the other.

Even now… Can you surrender to NOT understanding everything you just read? That is the practice… to know that something greater is acting upon you and that you are being acted upon by something GREAT that asks for all of your faith so that it may return you to all truths. For now just be led by your faithful heart, and let go the need to know. For in the letting go, you are omniscient. In that space, there are no questions. There only is.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach