THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/10/16


Greetings on this magical day! It IS magical, is it not? You ARE breathing as a living being on the Earth. Is that not magical?! It is indeed. BUT it is also magical because we have a VERY special message for you on this day. Simply put, the Great Teachers of old are making their presence anew!

What we mean is, those great beings from your realm who “came once before” (philosophers, healers, dreamers, sages, yogis, Gurus, Great Kings, Queens and rulers) are making their presence known from the Great Expanse again NOW. In fact, some of them are even taking physical birth again at this time.

Feel their magic.

The consciousness of these beings is permeating your vessels, and those you love, and then some you believe you do not love. You’ll never know when you may be speaking to someone, but you are not actually speaking to them. Instead, “something (or even better – someone) has taken over”. This is happening more and more frequently now. So be on the alert.

“Why is this happening in numbers suddenly?”, you ask? Simply put, because enough of you have requested help. Through meditations, yoga, sat-sangs (conscious get-togethers), the following of spiritual paths, mindfulness and the like, the masses are beginning to realize that the planet is in trouble, and therefore in need of assistance. You have become self-aware enough to know the consciousness (or level of thinking) that has gotten your world to the brink of self-collapse is not sufficient to get you out. So you have “reached out” from your hearts through the ethers to us.

We are responding in great numbers.

We want to assist a people that want assistance. We could not assist a growing trend of consciousness that couldn’t be bothered with mindfulness. Your hearts, as a collective race, previously were not awake enough, caring enough, or attuned enough to know that you literally were facing extinction. For whatever reasons, known or unknown, you have begun to GREATLY shift. Be not attached to the reasons, but rather only attach to the love that is here for you now. Well done on getting here.

Keep in mind (or heart) that we make ourselves known mostly through those who are awake. So if we go popping into your body, no worries! Ha ha! But in all seriousness, if you are open to this “Bridge of Hearts To Awakening Hearts” we tell you this – truly, if you are open, let us use and infuse your beings to light your hearts that will light the way for others who need bright lights to be shown the way HOME. It is a great service to allow yourselves be open in this way.

Come through you we will, for we MUST. It was and remains the mission of Sanat Kumara to awaken the masses in multiples of 12, so that the seed teacher could awaken the seeds to become teachers of other seeds. Are you a seed? Are you capable of carrying the light quotient required to shine like the Morning Star? We say you are. What say you?

Let your heart lead the way – it has NEVER failed you before.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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