Elevate Well offers powerful, transformational retreats that aim to leave you inspired and seeing the world from a fresh perspective.  We facilitate weekend and week-long retreats from the everyday routine to help you reconnect to yourself and to your purpose.

Upcoming Opportunities

COSTA RICA – March 1-8, 2019

Come join us to experience the beauty and magic of Costa Rica, as you are guided on an incredible journey of healing, transformation and adventure! Please contact us for additional information and to reserve your space at this limited space event.


Past Experiences

In addition to our upcoming retreats posted above, here we offer insights into some incredible past journeys.

March 2018 – Elevate Your Spirit: Clarity Springs!  With Ray & Colby

“The sacred and powerful space of the retreat, combined with the conscious support of Ray and Colby, offers a depth of reflection, contemplation, and a return to joy – this retreat process leads to lasting transformation and spontaneous clarity!”

November 2016 & April 2017 – Divine Directive: A Quantum Leap Forward with Ray

“Divine Directive is a weekend retreat for those who are serious about moving forward in their conscious evolution, awakening to higher truths, and stepping more fully into their soul’s purpose. During this life-changing event, gifted and respected channel, spiritual teacher, and healer, Ray Rolando, facilitates the delivery of sacred, high teachings and powerful energy in a way to guide Cosmic Wisdom, truth, and deep healing to you. This helps to more fully awaken the human eyes to the soul’s REAL purpose, while you release human creations of the mind that no longer serve, and step confidently into more of who you were meant to be.”

March 2017 -Healing, Renewal & Joy with Ray & Colby

“Experience the awe-inspiring, natural beauty and purity of Costa Rica! This is an opportunity to breathe new inspiration into your life, release what is no longer serving, rekindle your innate joy, and plant new seeds for brighter and clearer manifestations.”

March 2015 – Discover Your Sacred Self

Click here for a summary of our 2015 7 night, March Costa Rica Retreat at beautiful Mystica in Lake Arenal!

March 2014 – Peace, Power & Possibility

In March 2014, we brought a group of retreaters on our 7 night, 2014 Retreat to Costa Rica, called Peace, Power & Possibility:

“Explore the lush beauty of Costa Rica and be inspired by the essence of Mystica Lodge on Lake Arenal, near the Arenal Volcano. Mystica’s jewel, La Esencia , the Yoga Sanctuary by the river, will have daily yoga, pranayama, meditation and yogic philosophy taught by Colby.  Ray will take us on a transformational journey through his coaching circles, playshops, and private individual sessions. Learn practical tools and techniques to help empower yourself and tap into your intuition, creativity and unlimited potential to live an authentic life—to live YOUR magic!”

Click here to view our retreat flyer.

September 2013 – Seat of Infinite Beauty, Strength & Wisdom

In the fall of 2013 , an abundance of good fortune brought us to the Emerald Aisle!  Here is a brief over review of our recent 6 day, 5 night Ireland 2013 Retreat, called Seat of Infinite Beauty, Strength & Wisdom:

“The sacred physical practice of yoga is called Asana, defined as posture, and comes from the Sanskrit root meaning, to be present or seat. Come join us as you are guided into a journey back to your true joyful and peaceful self through yoga with Colby and transformational workshops with Ray. There you will take a seat deep into your body, mind, heart and spirit. The more we expand our awareness and become present with ourselves the more conscious, empowered and creative we can become in actualizing a life that reflects our higher self. No previous experience needed, all are welcome!”

This retreat was a great success and we will for sure be planning another trip back to the land of leprechauns and infinite possibilities.  Click here for the past flier for more info on our retreat to Creacon!