About Ray

Short Bio

Ray Rolando established the basic principles that act as the foundation of Elevate Well in 2007, and has worked alongside his wife Colby since 2012, to serve humanity. During the unprecedented changes of 2020, Ray & Colby forged Elevate Well, to help bring “higher” perspectives to the world.

Ray is a highly regarded spiritual advisor and teacher, has been a guest on numerous talk radio shows, and is a published writer in various media.  He holds several professional certifications, both as an Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher, as well as in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Advising clients and co-facilitating their personal journeys, Ray becomes a witness to their powerful, and often times life-changing transformations.  Ray is regarded as a clear channel for Divine guidance, which enables him to move Energy and open hearts.  He is sought after for his gifts of intuition, mystical insight, and depth of esoteric understanding.  He has assisted thousands of people all over the world with his abilities to “See the Unseen”, bringing light, laughter, and positive shift for all whom he serves.

Energy Work & Gifts

Ray has been working with Energy his whole life and learned early on that he was very intuitive and somehow “knew and heard” things.  While it took some time to understand and hone his gifts, Ray eventually learned he was blessed with the gifts of clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing), regularly being able to hear and know and understand things for and about people, situations, and events – past, present and future.  He uses these gifts to serve.

A Calling

Drawing from his extraordinary life experiences, some incredible and others incredibly challenging, Ray has learned to find the silver lining in everything.  Doing so has helped him to find great compassion and unconditional love for everyone he meets.  Moved by an unyielding desire to utilize his experiences to help others, Ray has dedicated his life to inspiring them to heal, expand, and shift their perspectives for positive growth.  He does this by reading, observing and moving Energy to reflect to individuals the extreme love that they are and hold.

The Work

In one-on-one and group settings, Ray observes others and their energy and waits for powerful moments for the Universe to move and guide him in assisting them to move through emotional and physical blockages that they feel have been holding them back, which they are now ready to put behind them. As he creates a safe, nurturing, and exhilarating space using his intuitive gifts and entertaining with his sense of humor, others often feel a sense of extraordinary love, calm, and peacefulness come over them.

Regarding the experiences people have had while working with him, Ray says, “These feelings are their feelings that they are finally unlocking for themselves.   I am simply facilitating their process when they come ready to accept the love that they actually are.”

To book a one-on-one or workshop experience with Ray, or to inquire further, please visit our Contact Us page.