Meet Our Coaches

Ray Rolando

Coaching with Ray

At Oceans of Calm, Ray takes his sessions several steps beyond the traditional coaching atmosphere.  He has many years of extensive training in Personal Mastery and Eastern Philosophies abroad, holds several energy healing certifications and initiations, and is a certified NLP practitioner.   Ray is a natural communicator with a good sense of humor, and is blessed with the gifts of intuition and the ability to read, understand and shift energy.  His gifts, combined with his exhaustive training and his own powerful life experiences and transformations, have given him the ability to “see the unseen”, while operating in an environment of full acceptance and non-judgment.

Ray’s coaching style is a blend of NLP, spiritual counseling, intuitive guidance, and Energy work.   Ray works one-on-one with individuals, as well as with couples, groups, and in business environments.  He works in person, over the phone, and through Skype as needed.

Ray Rolando

Coaching with Colby

Colby assists you through a supportive process of self-discovery, reflection, and mastery that allows you to connect back to you in a meaningful, authentic way. Through conversation, mindfulness techniques, and personal mastery tools you will be guided through a grounded process of healing and growth to find greater clarity, fresh perspective, and a a deeper, more effective connection to your inner truth. Weeding out the untruths in the mind and heart allow a renewed peace, inner alignment and presence to be felt – a wholeness – and the joy of being returns!

For the past ten years Colby has been studying with some the most powerful and inspiring teachers, healers, and coaches on the planet. During her coaching sessions she draws from her innate empathic and intuitive gifts, various transformational modalities, personal mastery tools, and her passion to help people access their most authentic and empowered selves.

Transformational journeys can be scheduled with one of our coaches by contacting us here.