Mystic’s One-liners

“When you feel lost, lose yourself completely in the moment, and there you will find yourself again.”

“Beliefs masquerade as truth until you unmask them and see the deeper truth.”

“Acceptance begins with a shift in your belief systems.”

“Love is never far from where you are.  So find it and become it.”

“Abundance is not a thing, it’s a frame of mind.  So become it and know that you are.”

” Greet the world with Grace – that is what has gotten you to this moment.” 

We cannot miss what is in our hearts.”

“Without today, tomorrow is not possible.”


Where you are provides perspective on where you’re going.”


“Out of nothing, anything is possible.”

Grace is yours; be grateful.”

“My LOVE is your LOVE, and our LOVE can heal the world.”

“When the signposts stop showing themselves to you, that is when you know the journey is over.”

“When you can fade into the background of your service, you become a better spectator of its miracles.”

“Just because you ‘wake up’ in the morning, doesn’t mean that your reality isn’t a dream… maybe you’re more ‘awake’ while asleep… always remember to consider the possibilities, so as not to limit yourself, or others, in any ways.”

“At a minimum, being of service neutralizes the drama in one’s life.”

“Life is a gift and relationships are its rewards; I have been very rewarded with this gift.”

“The challenge amidst the drama is to remain still. Allow others to ground by your example.”

“When you’re happy, you are love and you are loving yourself. In doing so, you attract an Energy of others who can love you too.”

“Live through experience, not by attachment.”


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